Face Any Challenge: Handle Problems and Deal with Difficulty

In this video, learn the three steps to take when facing a difficult situation. I have taught it to my clients for over a decade, and it works for everything!

Watch Face Any Challenge: Handle Problems and Deal with Difficulty to learn the 3 steps to handling any problem or challenge.

How to Face Any Challenge

Transcription of the Video

Here are three steps to take when faced with a challenge or problem. 

The first step is to have compassion for yourself. 

Without this validation, you can get stuck judging and defending your problems, which keeps them attached to you. Remember your humanness! The worry, pain, sadness, or frustration you feel is a regular human reaction to this event. Be kind to yourself. Whatever you feel, say, “I understand why I feel this way.” Or “This makes sense why I’m upset.”

This self-compassion will help you move on to the next step.

Two is to take a mental step back. 

Zoom out from the situation and imagine that you are seeing it from above the playing field. This takes you out of the emotional chaos of the problem and so regulates your nervous system. This wider perspective helps you understand more than you did before about yourself and the other players. You get to know people and why they do what they do, helping you not take things so personally. 

From this position, you can move to Step 3 with conscious intent.  

Step 3 is to Decide what to do in response. 

Because steps 1 and 2 help you recover your sense of agency, overwhelming negative thoughts and feelings won’t influence a knee-jerk reaction. You have the emotional bandwidth to brainstorm possible actions to take and imagine how each would play out before choosing a response that is for your highest good.

Next time you experience a problem, remember to follow these three steps to quickly recover your emotional well-being. 

  1. Have compassion for yourself

2. Take a step back

3. and then, decide what to do. 

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