Relationship Red Flags and Deal-Breakers To Look Out For

Learn these relationship red flags so you can avoid toxic relationships that sideline your life!

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Relationship Red Flags and Deal-Breakers

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Relationship Red Flags and Relationship Deal-Breakers

Red flags are warning signs that suggest potential issues or challenges in a relationship. It’s important to recognize relationship red flags early on when you meet a new partner or friend because relationship red flags can easily turn into relationship deal-breakers.

A deal breaker is a characteristic or behavior that decides the end of the relationship. You’ll want to recognize and address relationship red flags and deal-breakers before becoming too attached to the person.

Both red flags and deal-breakers are subjective, meaning the line is different for everyone. So you’ll have to decide what is right for you. Luckily, you are not meant to navigate relationships by yourself. Discuss behaviors with your friends and family, especially when you are unsure about them. 

And don’t ignore red flags!

This would let the other person think that they are okay with you and they are not. Also, a person’s response to your feedback about their behavior can give you the information you need to stay or go. If they don’t respond well, this is often the sign of a deal-breaker! 

The following is a non-exhaustive list of common relationship red flags to look out for. They might:

  • Repeatedly lie
  • Dismiss your boundaries
  • Make fun of you if you make some
  • Gaslight you
  • Give you a guilt trip
  • Make you feel like you are crazy, overreacting, or inadequate
  • Demand that you do what they want you to do
  • Have different standards of behavior for you and for themselves
  • Treat other people poorly
  • Get angry at your boundaries
  • Yell at you
  • Put sexual pressure on you. 
  • Show signs of addiction
  • Act like everything is about them
  • Want to be together every moment of the day
  • Contact you constantly when you are not together
  • Accuse you of doing things that you are not doing
  • Don’t trust you when you haven’t given them a reason not to
  • Let you pay for everything
  • Have no work ethic
  • Lack empathy
  • Have incompatible core values 
  • Act as if they are always right
  • Are emotionally or physically abusive
  • Isolate you from your friends or family
  • Only spend time with you in private
  • Convince you that no one else would love you like they do
  • Make fun of you
  • Exaggerate your flaws
  • Call you names
  • Treat you like you are stupid
  • Are overly complimentary
  • Love bomb you
  • Say things like, “I usually don’t like people, but I really like you.”
  • Ignore you for hours or days, yet get mad when you don’t respond immediately
  • Are obsessively insecure
  • Never apologize
  • Make excuses for their behavior, (often using your behavior as their reasoning) 
  • Threaten to hurt themselves if you leave them
  • Say that they couldn’t survive without you
Relationship Red Flags and relationship deal breakers

So what to you do if you see any of these red flags or deal-breakers?

Find someone that you can trust to share them with. Talking it out can help you understand what is happening without the influence of that friend or partner gaslighting you into thinking you are overreacting. Plus, building a community of people who treat you well, will help you leave a relationship that has been tearing you down. 

You don’t deserve to be treated poorly.

It is not your fault if you are in a relationship with someone who exhibits these behaviors.

Don’t hang on because you got yourself in it.

Don’t stay because you think that they can change or that they are sad or need you. 

Remember, a strong, loving relationship is built on communication, trust, and mutual respect. If you’re facing red flags, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice or support from friends and family.

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