Five Things People with Anxiety Want You to Know

People with anxiety feel isolated. (Anxiety wants us to be isolated because then it has more power over us without you there to pull us out of it.) But this makes us feel like no one feels as bad as we do. We tend to pull away from people that we love even though this is the worst thing for us – and you.


What We People with Anxiety Want You to Know

Anxiety often puts rifts in relationships, but scrappy loved ones, like you, can heal the divide and in doing so help heal the anxiety. If your loved one has anxiety, I’m sure you have felt helpless, frustrated, and at a loss about what you can do to help tem. I’ve been on both sides, so I know how you feel. Helpless feels horrible.

We may have told you that you don’t understand. And in hearing that so often you may have concluded that there must be something you don’t understand. We are desperate for you to understand, but this is a tactic that often pushes you away. Don’t let it. It is not true. You have felt scared sometimes. You do get it. Let us know you get it. Start there. Start with where we are. Be patient and kind and understanding, because we are worth it.

If we are fighting with you, know that that it is the Anxiety fighting, not us. We may fight with you even when you are being extremely helpful. We love you and need you. Thank you for loving us.

If you are wondering exactly how to go forward, and be the most helpful you can be, I put together this video just for you.

Five Things People with Anxiety Want You to Know

In today’s new video I explain what we would LOVE you to know about us!


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You can be and are very helpful. Thank you!

Thank you for sticking with us. We may not always show it, but we need and appreciate you for all that you do. Thank you for your patience. I know we can be frustrating fighting for our anxiety sometimes, but please see past that to the us that you know and love and reach in and pull us out. We will be forever grateful.

We love you so much.

If you have anxiety, what do you especially want others to know?

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