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Embrace Yourself Through Kindness

Let me go on the record saying I make mistakes.

I make mistakes, people!

Tons of them. And I feel things: Sadness, anger, frustration from small and big injustices.

Yes, I sweat the small stuff sometimes. I don’t take care of myself sometimes and other times I am too lazy and selfish when I ought to be helping others more.

I’m far from perfect in every possible way. But I don’t let my imperfection stop me from embracing ALL OF THAT. It’s all me.

I believe in having compassion for this human body, these at-times unruly emotions, and my mistake-ridden behavior in its entirety. I embrace all of it, because it is all included in my wholeness.

“Embrace yourself” is not some tangeable thing to do.  You don’t have to like everything. You don’t have to “condone” it. To embrace yourself, you have to STOP doing something, that we humans do way too much: negative self-judgment. 

the map to whole peaceThis can be confusing, when you notice something you wish that you didn’t do. Use the guilt how it is meant to be used: to take action. Decide to do something different next time, repair what was damaged, or pay it forward. Once you take action there is no reason for the guilt. If you want to learn more about this check out my The Map to Whole Peace videos.

In the meantime watch today’s video about how to embrace yourself.

Embrace Yourself

Accept yourself. You are worth LOVE. (From yourself, too!)

Here’s a big hug going out to all of you for just showing up in life and trying. I know how much effort you are all making to feel peace in your life. I am hopefully giving you some of my best tips to make that process easier on you!

Remember the purpose of guilt is for taking action. Stop getting stuck by it.

If we’re going to grow tolerance in the world – and we need that! – we have to start with having tolerance with ourselves.

guided meditations Jodi AmanHere is a free letting go meditation:

Two Minute to Peace

If you liked that meditation, I have more for you:

My LIVING FREE 21 Downloadable Guided Meditations.

Sometimes you need some structure to take care of yourself. These meditations will give it to you. Learn how to be your own healer. And I’ll be with you!




How will you commit to embracing yourself today?

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