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Healing with Self-Love

If you want to heal from emotional pain, this is the place to be. I will tell you that you are love. You give love and you deserve love. But sometimes, you don’t give that love that you DESERVE to yourself. This keeps you from freeing yourself from the emotional pain in your life. That is why I advocate for healing with self-love. And practicing this every darn day of your life.

healing with self-love

Healing with self-love is not something you do once and then you have it (or don’t have it). It is a practice of getting rid of negative self-judgments via self-compassion.

We all make mistakes and we all have our faults, but we don’t have to let those imperfections stop us from embracing who we are.

Healing with self-love  is about staying still in the present without negative self-judgments It is about letting yourself be exactly as you are in that moment. We don’t have to find it, or grow it, or figure it out. It is already there when the judgments stop.

There is a light inside of all of us, and the negative self-judgments and fears cloud our view of that light. Other people see it even when we can’t. I wish we treated ourselves as kind as we treat others.

Self-Love is Key in the Healing Process

From 20 years as a secret keeper, I have heard confessions about what everybody is hiding. So, I have the inside scoop: You are NOT different.

We are all walking around with the same fears and insecurities as you. Some of us give it more attention than others. Some of us actively counter it. This is the difference and you have the power.

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Healing with Self-Love

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Three Steps to Emotional Freedom

  1. Have self-compassion
  2. Take a step back
  3. Decide what to do

A mantra I use to be more compassionate with myself is, “You are exactly where you are supposed to be.” I say this no matter what I feel — this compassion takes away the chaos of shame, clearing the way for me to navigate through and make sense of the situation. Now I can get some distance from what happened and view it from outside the chaos.

I go into this in much more depth in my book, You 1 Anxiety 0and I would highly recommend it to help you move through the steps to Emotional Freedom and Healing with Self-Love.

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What ways are you Healing with Self-Love?

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