Revitalize Your Relationships Today!

Do These Five Things to Revitalize Your Relationships

Improve your relationships

Want to get more love, more passion and more closeness in your relationships?

Our closest relationships effect every part of us. If they are not going well, they take our body, mind, and soul down with them. They bring us joy but also cause a great deal of anxiety and stress!

See, if a relationship is going down the tubes, it will zap your energy. I never think about energy that I put forth to make my relationships better as a sacrifice. When you give to a good, mutual relationship, you get back much more than you give. When you don’t give, you are drained by the tension and disappointment.

Significant relationships are to support you and help you shine brighter and stronger. They are worth your efforts.

In my 5 Rules for Life video, I spoke about making people important. In this video, I show you how to make the significant people in your life feel important, close, and loved so that your relationships grow more vital and uplifting.

Please watch.

Revitalize Your Relationships

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Revitalize Your Relationships

1. Be present – looking people in the eye tells them that are the most important thing in your world at that moment.

2. Acknowledge – Compliment someone or say thank you. It is easy but means so much!

3. Do things you don’t want to do – That thing they love, spend time with them doing it. Even if you don’t love it, enjoy watching them love it!

4. Don’t jump to getting defensive – Have compassion and understanding when someone is going you feedback. This gets you out of the dog house faster than defending yourself, which just perpetuates the conflict.

5. Be compassionate – Try to put yourself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling and express this understanding to them.

What do you do to make your relationships work?

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