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Are you repeating “I’m a mess!” in your head?

I hear it from people all the time: “I’m a mess!”, “No one knows it, but I don’t know what I’m doing.”, “I’m just faking it!” So many of us are walking around in our daily lives feeling this way. It’s as if we have a tape playing over and over in our minds of these negative mantras. We keep our focus on feeling overwhelmed and are blind to everything else. And I get it. I understand why you feel that way. But I would suggest looking at it a different way…

calm from anxiety

You are functioning in everyday life in spite of how you feel

This takes so much effort! Even while you are telling yourself: “I’m a mess!”, you are going about your daily life being kind to others, showing up to work, buying groceries, caring for your family etc. So if you’re going to notice how you feel overwhelmed all the time, then how about noticing how well you cope? How about giving yourself some kudos for getting through life? This shift in perception will dramatically change how you feel about yourself.

What to do if you feel out of control

In this video, I give you tips and tricks to help pull you out of this negative inner commentary to see how well you truly are doing. I don’t want to dismiss how you feel- I do understand. But there are people who aren’t getting out of bed, who cannot function day to day. You are making it; you are surviving.

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3 New Mantras to use instead of “I’m a mess!”

  1. I’m fine in this moment.
  2. I’m safe in this moment.
  3. In this moment, I am free to do whatever I want.

We are adults and despite what Anxiety might tell us, we really can decide how to act and respond in any given situation. Take that power back! It’s so important.

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Do you have any mantras you would add? Share them with me!

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