Benefits of Smiling: Change Your Day from Crappy to Happy!



The benefits of smiling are many. Smiling has brought lots of good stuff to my life. Today I’m sharing my personal experience with smiling and why it’s part of my daily routine. I also share what stops us from smiling, how we’re affected by it, and why it’s so important.

There are many reasons to smile. It can ease stress in your body on a cellular level and make your body feel more relaxed and calm. Any tension you may be feeling can be lessened just by smiling! By moving the muscles in and around your mouth, endorphins are released. These neurotransmitters actually combat stress.

Benefits of Smiling in Relationships with Others

Another great benefit is relationship. We are social beings longing for connection. Smiling can initiate these relationships or even help to sustain them. Think of this… when you’re just walking down the street- probably in your own head thinking the same old thoughts- and someone smiles at you, it’s like an acceptance of your very being. It can change your day.

calm from anxiety

When you smile at someone else you are beginning a relationship with that person. You are telling them they are worthy and they are special. It starts a connection. Maybe it is just a simple hello, but it could

also develop into something more. Smiling at someone often makes them smile back. We have those mirror neurons that make us mimic what we see. That’s one of the huge benefits of smiling…it’s spreading joy!

Watch this video to find out the benefits of smiling

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Change Your Day from Crappy to Happy

Many of us are carrying around a lot of fear and self-conscious feelings that may prevent us from reaching out to others. Take the risk of feeling good and making a connection. Smile at someone today!

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Has someone’s smile changed your day? Share with me below!

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