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Using Your Intuition for Deciding Correctly Every Time

Developing your intuition is not hard. Like mastering anything in life, it just takes practice. Watch my latest video where I share an oldie but a goodie simple practice to develop your intuition. You might watch this video and think, This is too simple, I am beyond this! But as we develop our spiritual abilities, …

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Psychotherapist | Teacher | Author | Spiritual Mentor

For 25 years, Jodi has helped sensitive souls heal themselves, so they can heal the world. Her videos, groups, and courses will help you overcome the past, get clarity, and literally evolve your spiritual abilities. Her online school and community *Earth Wisdom for Higher Consciousness* is a place where professionals, parents, and sensitive people find the up-level they're seeking. Join Earth Wisdom School to release the traumas of lifetimes, and build a flourishing self-care repertoire so that you can serve your so dearly needed life mission of helping others, from overflow.

Jodi climbed out of her own emotional crisis so you immediately feel that SHE GETS YOU. Through her TEDxWilmington talk, “Calm Anxious Kids,” and her best-selling books, You 1, Anxiety 0, and Anxiety...I'm So Done with You!  (released during the pandemic and named winner of the 2020 Best of Rochester Award), Jodi is changing the way we understand our experience of being human in this uncertain world. Now you can find her Spark on the Calm app!

She guides leaders to heal trauma, develop robust energetic resilience & create magic in their life, relationships, and career! Check out her Professional Development Courses!

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