Phobia Relief – Neuro-Linguistic Programing for Fear and Anxiety

If you have been seeking phobia relief

I have it here for you! You are in the right place! My guest today is Kalliope Barlis and in her book, Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom, she shares her proven method for getting over fears, phobias and anxieties so you can get back to living!

getting one anxiety after anotherKalliope was a professional golfer and her coach introduced her to a method called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP©) to help her get the game she wanted. Very soon however, she realized this could be applied to so many things in life and she made it her mission to help people- especially those looking for phobia relief. Kalliope also trains professionals in NLP to help spread this incredibly effective method of healing.

Neuro-Linguistic Programing for Fear and Anxiety

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Phobia Relief: Change How You Think to Change How You Feel

Thoughts create neural pathways. So any given memory will have a pathway leading from and firing off one neuron to the next, to the next etc. By shrinking and/or reframing our thoughts, these pathways can literally lose their charge. As a result, our feelings change!

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NLP is the study and use of successful behavior. So when you focus on the awareness of how you think about what you fear, you get your power back- making the impossible possible!

Here are 3 Quick Ways to Find Phobia Relief:

1. Ask yourself: Am I in danger in this moment right now? If the answer is no, continue to the second step.
2. Breathe in for three seconds, hold for three seconds and breathe out for three seconds and then repeat as necessary.
3. Affirm that what you are thinking about can actually be shrunk in size. Consequently, your feelings will change.

If you need further help with this, let me know (Work with Jodi.).

Have you healed any phobias? What worked for you? Share with me!

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