Jack Canfield Recommends Jodi Aman – How to Think About Anxiety

What a high! Jack Canfield recommends me! See, he interviewed me last month. It was definitely a poignant moment in my career!

It happened at a small success retreat I was invited to last month. Guess what? Jack actually read through my book, You 1, Anxiety 0! So impressed, he told me how much the world needs this book right now. And he encouraged me to make great efforts to sell more books. That felt amazing. He also acknowledged how much service I already give to people online, for free!

jack canfield recommends


Here is my book that he is reading.

Jack is well aware of the epidemic of anxiety. He sees it everyday with friends, family and his audience and trainees. He repeated that we really need help like this. After the interview he said,  “You are very articulate about your topic.”

(Um, let’s take a moment to think of how cool that is. OMG! Really freaking cool!)

Sometimes you can hear someone teach and know that they don’t live their message. That lack of authenticity shows through. I move on quickly from people like that.

Jack is not one of those people. He teaches how to create success and follows that up with daily action. Jack is diligent about creating the life he wants through meditation, visualization, journaling and surrounding himself with positive people. These are things that any one of us can do. For free!

I have been working on disciplining myself with daily goals, journaling and visualizations. It is easy to make excuses that you are too busy for these, but I noticed that I’m more efficient and focused when I practice in the morning. So not only do they take very little time, they give me time.

“You are capable.”  ~Jack Canfield

Jack believes in people. He knows how the most unlikely people have transformed their lives, so anybody can. Your belief in yourself makes all of the difference. “You are worthy of love,” he says.

He believes you get what you focus on. I say this too. When you spend a lot of your mind space on anxiety, you get more anxiety. When you spend your time focused, say on things that you are grateful for, you feel and experience more positive in your life.

You experience what you give attention to and you have control over what you give your attention to.

Principle 15 in Jack’s book, The Success Principles is “Experience Your Fear and Take Action Anyway.” He advocates to be an observer of your fear, because from that distance you are out of the chaos of it and less afraid. Yes!

He peppers the book with great quotes. I like this one, by Mark Twain,

I have lived a long life and had many troubles, most of which never happened.

This is Jack interviewing me about my work and message:

Interview with Jack Canfield

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