You Are Not Alone and You Can Heal Your Anxiety with Corinne Zupko

You are not alone

Love being able to share more messages on how you can heal anxiety by introducing you to some awesome people! You know, the people who uplift and inspire ME. I want them to do the same for you because you are NOT alone and you CAN heal your anxiety.

This week, my guest is Corinne Zupko. Corinne is a licensed counselor with many awesome credentials, but most importantly she chronicles her healing lessons on her website and in her forthcoming book, From Anxiety to Love with the intention of helping others.

Corinne and I have a lot in common. We are both students of A Course in Miracles, we both struggled HUGE with anxiety and….we both have chickens!

Listen in as we discuss the tricks that Anxiety plays, specifically how it tries to isolate you. We also take questions from folks just like you who are on a healing journey of their own.

You May Feel Alone, But You Are Not Alone!

This is why…

(*Spoiler alert, we have some tech problems at the beginning!)

Anxiety is awful. We get it. We’ve been there.

One of the biggest lies that Anxiety tells us is that we are alone in our suffering. It tries to isolate us and prevent us from reaching out for help. We also isolate ourselves because we worry that we’ll be judged negatively by others, which creates distance to protect ourselves from being hurt. Ultimately though, isolation contributes to unhappiness.

You are not alone and you can heal.

Reaching out and connecting with others will help you in many ways.

  1. Conversations take you out of your head and into the present.
  2. Other’s ideas, jokes and stories can be distracting.
  3. Helping other people makes you feel good about yourself.
  4. A friend’s company encourages you through challenging activities.
  5. You will be relieved to know you’re not the only one to feel this way.
  6. Nothing heals or feels better than the power of love.

You can do this. And I can help you.

What’s your favorite way to reach out and feel less alone?

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