How You Think Influences How You Feel – FB LIVE!

How, How You Think, Influences How You Feel

Do you know how you think those negative thoughts in your head? Well, they can do a lot of damage to your self-esteem. That’s because you can be very mean to yourself, and beat yourself up for things you don’t even deserve.

jodi aman on facebook liveI know you THINK that you deserve them, but I am telling you right now, you DON’T.

Not even the tiniest bit.

When you focus on gratitude, joy and good things, you actually see yourself in a better light, and your whole demeanor appears different. How could your thoughts and your feelings NOT be connected?

What is the connection between how you think and how you feel?

If you want the answer to that, watch this Keep Calm Radio episode where I discuss it.

(This video was taken from the Facebook LIVE broadcast. If you want to catch this broadcast LIVE so you can ask me your questions, go to my Facebook page Jodi Aman and get notifications!)

How you think and how you feel

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Get power over your thoughts to have power over your feelings

Whatever you feel, say “I get it.” Allow yourself to feel so you can go through the feeling to the other side.

Positivity time: Plan out specific time to record positive things of your day. You’ll want to record three things that you’re grateful for and three things that you’ve accomplished that day. Get a positivity partner to share this list with.

There are always a million things to pay attention to, if you are in the habit of focusing on the bad, you will compound your negative feelings. Even in very difficult situations, there are positives to keep in mind. (One being your amazing survival skills!)

You can celebrate your good steps or you can beat yourself up for the high standards that are ridiculous. The former can give you a much happier life. You can give yourself compassion for everything you feel and move through the feeling so it gets released.

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