How To Love Yourself When You Don’t Like Yourself Too Much

Everyone is saying to love yourself, but you don’t know how? I’ve got you. Read on.

how to love yourself - like yourself

We are, each of us, our own worst critic

I know that barrage of negative self-judgments that are going through your head. I know because I grew up in this same culture and I’ve dealt with them my whole life, too.

*It’s your fault. You messed up. You shouldn’t love yourself. If only they knew. I hate pretending. Look at that back fat. OMG wrinkles. You can’t do that. They are saying that to be nice. They don’t want to talk to you.  I’m annoying them. They need space. I’m so stupid. She can do it but I can’t.*

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be friends with someone if they abused you like that. Why do you allow yourself to do it?

You allow it because you think it is true. That you oughtn’t love yourself since you are unworthy of it.

We think we deserve those things. And if they are true, we don’t like ourselves too much.

But, do you know what?

I don’t deserve

being called stupid, ugly, fat, selfish, a fool, or whatever my mind blames me for that day.

And you don’t either!

Fortunately, none of these thoughts have to keep you from knowing how to love yourself! Because loving yourself  is about staying still in the present.

It is about letting yourself be exactly as you are in that moment. We don’t have to find it, or grow it, or figure it out. It is already there when the judgments stop.

There is a light inside of all of us, and the negative self-judgments and fears cloud our view. Much of the time, other people see it even when we can’t. Well, I am going to teach you how in this video.

How To Love Yourself When You Don’t Like Yourself Too Much


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You are worthy.

You’ve done amazing things in your life! You’ve made it through hard things and have shared, enjoyed beauty, laughed and loved. That joy gives you a glimpse of wholeness. And that is it. Be OK in that exact moment, even for a second.

We’re alive and our life has some purpose. Right now, it may not feel like it has purpose, but we can change that in a heartbeat. If you get caught up in all those negative self-judgments about yourself, you’ll really feel like you don’t like yourself when that’s not even the case.

You are a human being in this world, you’re worthy and you are amazing. I will keep saying it, unless you get it down to your tippy toes!

Do you practice being in the present moment? How to you love yourself? 

7 thoughts on “How To Love Yourself When You Don’t Like Yourself Too Much”

  1. I love myself through the eyes of the people I love. If someone I admire and love says I am good then I love myself. I also love myself whenever I feel I can make a positive difference in someone’s life. I loved myself most when i believed God loved me. I don’t love myself when I feel someone is hurting because of me, when I fail at what I have to do, (I know this is judgement) but also when I feel misunderstood.(that’s judgement too?)

  2. Hmm… how would a masculine version of this go?

    Oh, not just for me. For my daughter, too. “Captain” is not really a super-feminine type, and likes it when I call her “right-hand man”. She went and fixed one of the backyard fences today 🙂

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