What To Do When You Are So Tired Of Being Afraid All The Time


Live Without Fear


I was giving a presentation today, once again telling my story about when I was so full of stress and anxiety that I could barely get out of bed. Thinking of that time in my life, I realize that was not a life at all. In fact, being overwhelmed, panicked, and stuck in suffering is not something I’d wish on my worst enemy.

I was exhausted and beaten down. I felt helpless and vulnerable.

calm from anxiety

At the time, I decided that I couldn’t have love, joy, peace, or anything good in my life unless I got over this paralyzing fear. I set myself on a mission to heal myself and change my life.

Trying everything to help myself feel better. I wanted to stop giving fear power and start giving myself power, I just didn’t know how. So I figured it out step-by-step.

buy you 1 anxiety 0 by Jodi Aman

In this video I outline the exact four steps I took to break down the fear and move on to a different future. Number 4 is the most important!!! It took me years to get this one. Without it, I improved a little, but kept having to work very hard for those small results.

I felt like I was on a hamster wheel until I figured this one out. Do you ever feel like that? I’m so happy to give you the short cut today!


When you are sick and tired of FEAR stopping you!

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You can feel better and find lasting happiness!

You can get past fear. Love yourself through every step of the process instead of beating yourself up. If you do these four things, commit to it, break it down, take action and love yourself through it, you will find that you will get better, so you can go out and start enjoying your life.

driving anxiety

What would you do if fear didn’t stop you?

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Thank you for your honest sharing and your wisdom. You are a champion for all of us.

Jodi Aman

Thank you so much for writing. Love you! hugs!

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