What Anxiety Feels Like – Is this A Panic Attack or Anxiety?

I know what anxiety feels like.

It feels like hell. I know because I’ve been there. And if you’re reading this blog right now because you’re experiencing anxiety and panic then I am so sorry. Please know you are not alone. Sometimes the people around you feel helpless. They don’t know what anxiety feels like. They don’t know the torture like you and I do.

what anxiety feels like

Here are just a few symptoms of Anxiety/Panic:

  1. Mind is racing.
  2. Stomach Issues.
  3. Body gets warm/cold.
  4. Elevated heart rate.
  5. Finding it hard to breathe.
  6. Hyper-focused thinking.

Here’s a blog on it: Anxiety Symptoms: You are not losing your mind!

These are just some of the symptoms that describe what anxiety feels like and all have to do with heightened adrenaline in the body. Watch the video to learn more.

What Anxiety Feels Like – Is this a Panic Attack or Anxiety?

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This is What Anxiety Feels Like

Anxiety is a worry-based physically and emotionally intense sensation due to the release of cortisol and adrenaline hormones that’s prompted when you are not in physical danger. It may cause gastrointestinal symptoms, rapid breathing and increased heart rate. It’s usually accompanied by distressing thoughts as well as a desperation to feel calm again. You feel helpless or worried that you “can’t handle it” or that you’ll “go crazy.” You feel stuck, trapped in a feeling of vulnerability and out of control, even though you’re not in immediate danger.

Let’s Get You Feeling Better

I know anxiety is scary but it needs you to be scared for it to continue to destruct your life. Anxiety is curable. It’s not something that you have to live through forever. Anxiety is highly treatable.

You may not think you can stop the anxiety, but you can. I’ve walked many people through getting over their anxiety and I know that you can change this.

Share with me! I’d love to hear what anxiety feels like for you and how you help yourself feel better.

9 thoughts on “What Anxiety Feels Like – Is this A Panic Attack or Anxiety?”

  1. Anxiety and its impacts are not only associated with the irrationality of thoughts, feeling of loneliness or timely nervousness. However, anxiety is a broader term which is capable of impacting your bodily functions

  2. Situational anxiety is also termed as a generalized anxiety disorder. Medically, there is no definite term to classify the situational anxiety disorder (SAD) from the other terms of the anxiety such as depression, tension, and anger.

    1. Maybe But I feel like it is helpful for people to think in terms of the way they feel instead of medical terms. Medical terms make no difference to them understanding themselves and learning how to feel better.

    1. You have an abundance of adrenaline but you don’t call it anxiety for some reason. I remember this from the past and even a group facilitator confirming that “You don’t have anxiety” when you do. You just think of it differently because the thoughts are not what you expect anxiety to be. But you are suffering. These symptoms bother you. That means it’s anxiety.

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