How to Have Hope When Everything is Going Wrong – FB LIVE

The Ego Says That Hope Will End in Hurt

We all have hope- we hope for good weather, to like the meal we splurge on…little things. But you know what? I find these days that so many of us are afraid to have real hope- like hope for the big stuff. We’re afraid of getting our expectations up only to have them dashed. Disappointment is something we’re all trying to avoid. Hope makes us feel vulnerable and most of us find that really uncomfortable. Ego tells us that when we are vulnerable, we could get hurt.

The ego says it’s not safe to have hope. It tells you that if you keep your expectations low that you will avoid feeling bad. Remember though, the ego is not your friend. This kind of thinking keeps you stuck and you were not meant to be stuck. You were meant for freedom, joy and calm.

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Have Hope Even When (Especially When) Everything is Going Wrong

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Trust Yourself and Have Hope

have hope counseling jodi amanI get it. I truly do understand. You think that by not giving in to hope, you’re protecting yourself from really uncomfortable feelings like disappointment and hurt. Here’s the thing though, all you’re doing is keeping yourself stuck in suffering. The problem isn’t that life always lets you down, it’s that you don’t trust yourself.

The truth is you have handled countless disappointments! You have the skills and knowledge to deal with all that life throws at you. You are proof of that! No one wants to go through hard times or unwanted changes, but we can get through it.

Hope is the answer. Have faith, have hope and trust yourself to make it through. This shifts your focus to the positive and changes your entire mindset. And when you change your mind, you welcome new possibilities.

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What will you start hoping for today?

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  1. Jodi, your insight into the fear of hope and the ego’s role in holding us back is profound. Hope is the key to transformation and growth. Trusting ourselves to handle disappointments and embracing hope can lead to a brighter future. Thank you for this inspiring message.

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