How To Make Changes In Your Life – And Not Be Afraid

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“Change is scary.” Are you afraid to make changes?

My goodness, this belief had been ingrained in us since we were little! We don’t know how to make changes in our life without anxiety. We have no guarantee that the new scenario will be OK, so we dig our heels in and try to prevent it at all costs.

Can I tell you about a time when I’ve felt out of control by change recently?

It’s about my book title.

My NEW BOOK title came to me in a way I can only describe as divine intervention.

After a week of conscious title workshopping, gathering feedback, and tweaking each syllable of every possibility, THE title was simply placed in my head.

As soon as I wrote it down I felt tingles all over my body like I was getting a electronic charge, so I knew this was special. I loved it, too.

This post is the first time I am publicly sharing the title with all of my community, and to be honest, it feels a little vulnerable. Do you know why?

Many of the few people I shared it with didn’t like it.

In fact, some even cautioned me about it.

You better believe that doubt filled me so much from this feedback.

See…I totally understood their gripes: It supported the competition discourse. It wasn’t spiritual. It didn’t sound like me. It’s for men only…too different…too much of a change…out of control.

I actually talked myself out of having been *inspired.

(*Inspired means “in Spirit.”)

I went back to the drawing board for a few weeks, thinking of alternate titles again, but nothing set me on fire like THAT title.

Also, the book cover wasn’t coming together. Is that a sign?  I worried.

Then, I realized that going from “not having a book” to “having a book” is a change… a big transform-your-life kind of change. And, of course I feel doubt…a big I-want-to-hid-under-the-covers-and-not-come-out doubt. I am human.

We humans don’t want to make changes unless we have know it will be exactly right and perfect and better than now and….

We can’t be SURE, so we’d just rather stay put.

The folks that I am writing this book for–people with anxiety, worry, doubt, OCD, panic, nervousness, insecurity, uncertainty–don’t feel like they can change, or that they can get better. They have doubt. And, they are scared. They don’t know they have the power inside them and they have had it all along.

This book has to break through that doubt…

to share the message that getting anxiety out of your life IS POSSIBLE!

So I have to break through that doubt. I have to walk the walk. And this means going bold with the title this book is MEANT to have.

I’m taking a risk, because I have been asked to trust what I was given. And I must have faith this will contribute to this book’s highest service.

Ready to hear the title? (Gulp!)

You 1, Anxiety 0Win your life back from fear and panic.  


I hope this story and this video help you to find the boldness in yourself to trust that change does not HAVE to be bad. And, have faith that it actually might be quite wonderful!

(Now that I have recommitted to this title, I’m going to have faith that the book cover will come together, too! Say a prayer for me!)

How To Make Changes In Your Life – And Not Be Afraid

Watch the video below to learn how to make changes so you don’t let fear stop you from realizing your dreams, having adventures, living your potential, and discovering amazing opportunities.


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Remember, nothing is permanent. Everything changes.

Well, not my book title anymore. I’m going to keep it. So tell me what you think. Is it a winner?

Tell me, if you trusted yourself and felt a little more powerful, what change would you make?

11 thoughts on “How To Make Changes In Your Life – And Not Be Afraid”

  1. First, I LOVE your book title! this will be a great read and help so many people, I know it. Great advice in your video, Jodi. Change is hard sometimes, especially when it catches us off guard. Your tips will surely help! Your necklace is unique like you. <3

  2. I would change waking up in terror every morning and not knowing why. I would trust that the day will be fine and that I can take on anything.

    1. Every day is fine, so won’t the next day be fine, too? Write that down and read it all through the day for 2 weeks. Even when your anxiety is not so bad. It will change the mornings. xoxo

  3. It makes so much sense the way you describe change. I have always hated change because it makes me feel insecure. I loved the routine, knowing what to expect and be prepared for it. One other reason why I don’t like change is because I get emotionally attached to people, to places and to anything. Changing car, changing house, changing job, maybe are normal things to stress about, but it goes much beyond that to even irrelevant silly things. But each single thing has a meaning to me and symbolizes something or carry a memory.. That’s why I find it easy to give away everything, but never to throw anything.

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