How To Find Yourself

Find yourself

Sometimes wondering how to find yourself is very distracting.

This is because it is so esoteric and ever-changing. It freaks us out because then we don’t KNOW and we are not in CONTROL.

I mean, how can we be sure we get it right?

And if we don’t get it right, that means we get it wrong.

Oh, dear! I know exactly how you feel!

If you feel like you don’t know who you are, you are not alone. All of us feel that way because we humans overthink everything!

Who am I? can be a haunting question. I want to settle your anxiety about this.

How To Find Yourself

In today’s video I talk about how to find yourself, but the most important message I want you to get today is how not to worry about it all so much!



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You can find yourself

When you’re asking yourself who you are, just take a breath. Hang out in the present moment. Know that you don’t have to figure it all out. (Couldn’t anyway, even if you tried.)

You are amazing and beautiful and worthy. You are so much more than one label or another. And, you have many qualities, and display them at different times. You are too vast to explain away with one identity.

This is one thing I want you to take away from this video: You are whatever you think you are, and you change from moment to moment. So don’t worry if you don’t know right now. Things change.

Accept that you are what’s important to you, what you love, and what you enjoy. Knowing this can be a huge relief.

How do you find yourself? Or who do you want to be? And how are you going to work towards that?

5 thoughts on “How To Find Yourself”

  1. Love this video. I love the “you are whoever you are at that moment” idea. And that it’s ok if it changes. I think we all tend to think we have to be one certain way and when we stray from that, that somethings wrong with us. Thanks Jodi!

  2. I rarely ask myself who am I, but I often wonder who am I for others. Who I am for others don’t change the real me. Nothing can change the real me. What changes is the influence or impact I have on others with my behaviour what I say, what I do and the way I treat them. I am me with everyone. I am the same, but some see me cruel, others see me kind. It is their interpretation of who I am, depending on how they want to understand me. Who I am for others and how they see me is very important to me. Know this is wrong and everyone would say we shouldn’t care about other’s opinion, but I do care. I care very much. I know that I want to be good, that I want to be strong. I want to love and help and b loved too. I don’t want to be weak and needy. I try the best I can.

    1. You are beyond lovely. Good people love you. People who have called you cruel are criticizing you as a power tactic. It has nothing to do with how they see you or how you behave. It has to do with them trying to make you feel guilty. I care about others opinions, too. That’s a good thing. You want to be kind and thoughtful and not hurt others, like me. But the people who are stuck in their own misery, their opinions/judgments are not about us, and those we can keep away from our hearts.

      1. Now your status make even more sense to me 🙂 I didn’t know you replied but felt it was in relation to my comment. Love you and thank you so much

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