How To Calm from Anxiety in 20 Seconds

how to calm from anxiety and panic. how to calm from panic

Are you ready to learn how to calm from anxiety and panic in 20 seconds?

Are you ready to learn how to get control of your life?

The answer is in your thoughts.

With anxiety, your thoughts are either your worst enemy or your toughest ally.

When you think “I can’t handle this. I am freaking out.”

You freak yourself out.

When you think. “I am okay, this will pass.”

It will pass quicker.

Your feelings are your feelings, but what you think about them and how this thinking has you reacting makes all the difference in how you feel the next moment. You can be relieved you were compassionate with yourself or totally freaked out and upset at yourself to letting anxiety rule your life.

Your thoughts are how you calm from anxiety. They have to do the heavy lifting to help you remember the control and skills you have. In this video, I’m going to show you how you are in control of them.

How to Calm From Anxiety in 20 Seconds


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You can stop anxiety.

I know anxiety is scary but it needs you to be scared for it to continue to destruct your life. Anxiety is curable. It’s not something that you have to live through forever.

You may not think you can stop the anxiety, but you can. I’ve walked many people through getting over their anxiety and I know that you can change this.

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What do you say in your mind to stop your anxiety when it starts to get out of control?

37 thoughts on “How To Calm from Anxiety in 20 Seconds”

  1. awesome:) What I’m saying to calm myself down? I’m saying….what I’m thinking now is not true! Is not true!

      1. So true I love your videos, I’ve been dealing with anxiety since last year. It went away, and now returned. Like you always say, your mind play tricks on you! It does! Anxiety is a dirty liar!

  2. I decide how to react and what to do in case what worries me happens. I imagine the different scenarios and find a solution to each one.

    1. But I know this is not the right thing to do but it is what helps most. Expecting the worse and deciding how to handle it when it happens. This way whatever happens I am prepared and feel grateful that in reality it wasn’t as bad as expected

        1. I was told in therapy that this is wrong because it “maintains” a negative thinking. That this was useful during the war because the danger was real and taking precautions was necessary, but not in a normal person’s life.

          1. The point is that you feel empowered. That’s the part that works and settles your mind. Once you begin to trust yourself, it will be easier and easier to feel empowered. You may not need to work so hard. But it is the same skill, and same result. The anxiety is negative thinking and finding a way to handle it is positive thinking. #youroldtherapistswerestupid 😉

  3. “Feelings are not facts” I was told…and that helps me get past anxiety from unwanted feelings from past abuse. We can choose who we want to be.

  4. My mantra to kick anxiety away is: “Police! Don’t Move! ” Hey anxiety, “You have the right
    to remain SILENT And You Will…” It helps put me in control of my run away thoughts ??

  5. After years of anxiety and not knowing what was wrong with me only brought more anxiety and thoughts I now educate myself on Anxiety sensations the thoughts etc and see it pass as its does everytime “it hasnt killed me yet or drove me mad”after 20 yr+ so i do say to it do your best and it doesnt raise it head take the FEAR out even though scary at times its only sensations and irrational thoughts we who anxiety visits are very strong all i can say is educate yourself on anxiety .Thankyou Jodi..

  6. I just came across this thanks to my good friend Athena I need to come up with a mantra for myself. Thank you Jodi, this is so encouraging!

      1. She is so amazing. I only recently connected with her about 3-4 weeks ago. She’s been an amazing source of encouragement for me in just that short time already.

        I was actually thinking about what I can come up with for myself, last night while laying in bed. I’m really into music so I figure that could tie into this… “I am safe, I am a survivor, I can rock this healing journey” Whatcha think? 🙂

  7. I’m new to the anxiety/panic disorder and it’s been 6 months since I’ve had it and I’m trying soo hard to relax and stay calm. When my breathing goes out of wack and my hands get numb or my chest feels tight…that’s when I panic. I’ll try to use this method

    1. Hi Tanel! Welcome to my blog. I’m so glad you found me! You can get rid of your anxiety. The trick is not to be scared of those things, and soon they will stop triggering you. I know that’s oversimplified, but hopefully you’ll watch more of my videos and they will help!

  8. Thank you Jodi. My mantra is ‘I am supported and I am loved’ My anxiety is about being all alone and afraid. It helped!

  9. I love your videos Jodi! There is always something in them that I can take with me. I don’t have a mantra but try starting with something like “I’m OK! I’ve been through this before and have always come out the other side! I can do it again!

  10. I have developed a phobia for driving I get panic attacks when I drive it’s been 2 years now. Any suggestions please

  11. I have developed a phobia for driving I get panic attacks when I drive it’s been 2 years now. Any suggestions please thank you

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