How I Reduce Anxiety and Relax Naturally


Relax Naturally

It wasn’t until I learned how to reduce anxiety by relaxing that I consistently began to feel better in my life.

Until then, things went up and down like a rollercoaster.

The consistency was a God-send. What it took was for me to instil some simple self-care practices into each and every day.

calm from anxiety

We tend to do all the hard things first and then we are too exhausted to do the easy stuff! I spoke about it in this video I posted on Facebook this week: Heal by doing the easy things.

We know the right things to do to reduce anxiety and take care of ourselves, but we are so busy surviving (and doing the hard stuff) that we don’t have time to nourish ourselves the way we know we ought to. 

So we have to be reminded. Today’s video is your friendly neighborhood reminder of the MOST important self-care practices you can do to reduce anxiety and relax more naturally.

How To Reduce Anxiety and Relax Naturally



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Life is so precious! Reduce anxiety so you can start living

Here are the six ways to reduce anxiety and relax naturally:

  1. Sleep enough (Download and print handout here: How To Get Better Sleep)
  2. Drink hot drinks
  3. Do deep breathing
  4. Go outside
  5. Positive Self-talk
  6. Lean on a friend

Or check out my video 20 ways to calm from anxiety and panic.

Practice incorporating at least one of these relaxation tips into your routine and watch how your anxiety starts to go down. These are simple ways to keep calm when the chaos of life makes you feel overwhelmed so you can start feeling better.


What do you do to reduce anxiety and relax naturally?

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Thank you Jodi for such amazing videos. You are a rock star. To reduce anxiety I breathe deep down into my belly. I sometimes listen to music, skip, walk my dog or I just sleep if I can. Honestly
these things really work for me. Positive self talk is also good for me. Best. Lee

Jodi Aman

Thanks Lee!

I’m so glad you are getting something out of it! These are great things to do! xo


All those 6 tips work for me and I use them all, but number 6 (which is the most helpful) make me feel very guilty

Jodi Aman

You are robbing your friends of feeling needed. And without the guilt you’ll be happier and then a better friend to them, too!


Thank you so much Jodi. Your suggestions are golden. The quality that most inspires me is your voice, with all its love and energy. It instills a feeling of ‘enough’ in me. I am enough and through this I am able to recieve the pure truth you are emitting. I am truly grateful to have been prompted to listen to your video.

Love Light Laughter

Jodi Aman

Thank you Shawna, for writing. It’s so kind of you to take the moment and let me know you see me! I am eternally grateful! <3


Your videos are awesome Jodi! Thank you for sharing and giving of your time !
Can you help me with calming my nerves of a crazy fear????? I am having surgery tomorrow and I have a DREADFULNESS fear of anesthesia…(being put under)!!! HELP!!!

Jodi Aman

Dear Lou, Loads of people are afraid of anesthesia because it symbolizes feeling out of control. But your not out of control. Focus on what you have control over – instead of what you don’t. Trust in your practitioners. Send them good energy. Get your house in order so you’re organized for recovery. Make plans to take care of yourself after. Do guided imagery of waking up in the recovery room, happy and calm that it is over and it’s the first day of the rest of your life! Let us know how it goes!


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