5 Steps To Relieve Stress

Take time for yourself

Stress can kill you!

Oh, crap! We are all wound up so tight that we are constantly buzzing on cortisol.

Imagine white-knuckling it on a rollercoaster. All. Day. Long.

That’s us in 2016. The election. Financial problems. Work pressure. Terrorists. School. Illness. Pain. Gah!

We don’t have to look far to find something to stress over. And we don’t have time to focus on how to relieve stress and get help for our anxiety.

Our fear response is something that is meant for once in a while- the hungry tiger in the woods- not constantly. But since we are so wound up with pressure, and to-dos, and violence, and hardship, and loss, and feeling out of control, it is constant.

If you are not in immediate physical danger, the stress hormones make you feel lost, incompetent, and like you are going crazy. We are trying to fix our anxiety when there is this physical reaction that is making it very hard to think straight, let alone think ourselves out of it.

If you have constant high cortisol levels you have to work on how to relieve stress on the physical level, too.

5 Steps To Relieve Stress

In this video I tell you 5 things you can do to calm the stress hormones that have been taking over your body!


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We all need some time for ourselves.

I know you have so many things to do during the day, but it’s important to stop and take a few minutes to relax so you can re-energize yourself and keep going, joyfully.

What do you do to unwind and relieve stress?

11 thoughts on “5 Steps To Relieve Stress”

  1. Thank you Jodi. I often use these to relieve stress and it works. I do some other things too. I write my worries down. It makes it easier. I wrote a lot today. I decided that there are enough things I can’t really change in my life, but I can practice all your teachings to get rid of stress and I believe it works. I will get better, at everything.

  2. I love listening to your videos, find them very helpful. I’m currently going through a stressful time in my life and need all the feedback and help I can get.

  3. Hi Jodi. I just so love watching your videos. My life has just become so much more of a pleasure and manageable. Thanks so much for the love and support. Lee

  4. As always, love what you are sharing with us. I have also been sharing you with a dear friend who is struggling….hot bath with Epsom salts, lavender and Jodi meditations that are downloaded to my phone. Best way to relax that I know of for sure!:))) ❤ thank you Jodi

  5. These really a great post. I see this video that was really useful talk to stop stress. Thanks for sharing this great content with us. It’s really bad for me that I’m very late to see this post.

  6. Great blog post about relieving stress! The five steps you outlined are practical and easy to implement, and I appreciate the emphasis on taking a holistic approach to stress management. Your suggestions are spot on. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips and promoting a healthier, more balanced approach to life!

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