Anxiety Symptoms: You are not Losing Your Mind!

Anxiety symptoms have a way of taking over life.

If you’re reading this, my heart already goes out to you because you would not have clicked this link unless you (or someone you love dearly) is suffering from anxiety. Please know, if you are new to my work, I understand completely. I suffered from anxiety symptoms for many years and have watched my kids struggle too.anxiety symptoms

No matter which side you are on here, the sufferer or the loved one,  you have my compassion.

And I am eager to tell you that there is hope.

Learning About Anxiety Symptoms Can Help

Anxiety is a worry-based physically and emotionally intense sensation. Anxiety symptoms are all too often prompted when you are not actually in physical danger. In this episode I explain why they come when there’s no threat (but feel like there IS A HUGE threat) and all the different ways anxiety can make you feel. I share even the scariest physical and emotional symptoms – so you can know what is going on for you.

Anxiety sucks. It makes you feel stuck, trapped feeling vulnerable and out of control. You feel like you are going off some insanity cliff, never to be yourself again. Or you feel like you are dying.

The long and the short of it: anxiety symptoms are not fun. But it is helpful to know what is anxiety is so that you can know how to move forward and get help with it. You see, anxiety is not some mysterious thing that comes and goes at will. What is hard to see during the intensity of anxiety, is that we have more control than we think.

Watch the video where I break down anxiety symptoms so you can feel empowered and start feeling better.

The Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety

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Don’t Wait to Get Help

Now you know, right? Now you know what anxiety symptoms are and you feel empowered! Keep that feeling going.

Most people wait 3-10 years before they reach out for help with their anxiety. This is a lot of needless suffering. I have so many resources to help you heal anxiety for good. Anxiety is highly treatable. I promise you. You do not have to live this way!

Clicking on this blog is the first step. Reading on and watching the video was the second. Now it’s time to reach out. And don’t forget to share! Anxiety is invisible and can feel very isolating, but you are not alone.

Share with me! I’d love to hear the strangest, wildest, scariest anxiety symptoms you’ve had.

5 thoughts on “Anxiety Symptoms: You are not Losing Your Mind!”

  1. Indeed, Anxiety can have huge impact on one’s life specially when it’s coupled with insomnia, they both make life a lot harder to get through. Hope everyone that’s suffering from anxiety gets better and lives healthier and happier life.

  2. Thank you Jodi for sharing this and as i know anxiety has different types and eve symptoms are different so may be they need a test to find out. Please let me know your thoughts on this?

  3. I remember somebody elaborating FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real and this is what makes people anxious and 90% of those fears are never real and it makes life really hell, puts you in the stage of inertia.

  4. Remember, you are not alone in your experience with anxiety. There is a supportive community of individuals who understand and empathize with what you’re going through. By reaching out for help and connecting with others who have shared similar experiences, you can gain valuable insights, guidance, and a sense of solidarity.

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