Creating Rituals – 6 Steps to Bring More Healing & Success Into Your Life

Creating Rituals? Isn’t that woo-woo?

Actually not really. Every culture has rituals. Rituals are just another word for ceremony. Ceremonies and rituals are used to honor, mark or celebrate people or groups and are held for so many different things, religious and not-at-all religious.

Graduations, weddings, awards ceremonies, mass, family dinner, birthday parties, funerals, and meditation time are common ways we create rituals. Creating rituals is a fantastic way to solidify your intentions, honor accomplishment, and bring more of what you want into your life. They can be incredibly powerful. Rituals help define us by integrating our intentions, commitments, and wins into ourselves so we have greater confidence. With that boost in confidence, we learn we can figure out anything that comes our way.

Fear can’t touch us when we know this.

Rituals express gratitude and appreciation which lift us up. For these reasons, they are the key to happiness. In fact, you’d find that cultures where rituals are very present, like Indonesia (i.e, they put flowers on the front steps every morning) are significantly, measurable happier people.

I was once interviewed by an objectively happy person and she told me that her family celebrates everything. For example, earning the very first dollar in her own business, and getting a new apartment were reasons to get together and share a celebratory meal with her parents, grandparents and siblings. The pairing of this practice and her happiness is not a coincidence, it is cause and effect. These celebrations defined her- they helped her integrate her successes into her identity. She has no room for fear because now she trust her ability to figure out any issue that comes her way. She doesn’t falsely believe that nothing bad can happen, she just enjoys the present because she has confidence that she will handle it when it comes. This is living happier.

successful rituals

In today’s video, I am going to share how you can create rituals that move the needle in your life.

Successful Rituals, Successful Life

Maybe you need to let something go,

honor the work that you have done,

change a habit, or

recover something lost: peace of mind, equilibrium, a friendship.

Whatever it is, creating rituals is a potent method for helping you change your life for the better. It’s often not enough to just tell ourselves we want to make these changes. We need something to back us up, something to add robustness to our good intentions. To help us stay motivated,a nd sustain our actions to that purpose. Rituals do this.

I’m a big believer in rituals. I use them in my own life and teach my clients about them in private practice and retreats as well.

And now I’m going to let you in on the power of creating rituals. Watch the video and read on to learn more.

Creating Rituals- 6 Steps To This Powerful Practice

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How to Make a Ritual that Works

  1. Commit to Something. Make a conscious choice to do something that will bring forth positive change into your life. Set the intention.
  2. Set Aside Prep Time. Before you attempt the ritual, carve out some time to really think about what your hopes and wishes are here.
  3. Plan a Ceremony. The ceremony is where your commitment is infused with meaning.
  4. Have an Audience. When someone bears witness to your intention, you are automatically more accountable.
  5. Be Grateful. Gratitude is a key to a good mindset.
  6. Follow Up with Action. Take it starting now.

Make sure you watch the video for more examples of what makes a ritual more meaningful!

What small thing can you do today to start? Share with me.

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