Secrets of an Overactive Mind: How to Calm Your Monkey Mind

Darling, do you have an overactive mind?


Where you hear a barrage of…

“So much to do. How will I do it all?”s and,

“My neighbor is so calm and cool- she gets it all done and doesn’t break a sweat!”s and,

“It’s me. I’m inept. Why am I always overwhelmed?”s and throw in some,

“Everyone else has it together.”s. And then add a whole bunch of,

“Why can’t I be like everyone else?”s, a couple of

“I’m going to lose my mind.”s and don’t forget the desperate,

“What am I going to do?!”s!

Sound familiar?

Overactive Mind Much?

Yes. I mind. I mind a lot that you are suffering!

And that you feel like you are the only one. I’m sorry that this is happening to you, but I promise you, you are not alone in this. In our modern-day world, this type of thinking is frequent. Stress is everywhere and it manifests often as an overactive mind.

The good news is there is nothing wrong with you. What you are experiencing is, unfortunately, the more common way to be.  This means it not pathological. The bad news is, you are suffering and I don’t want to leave you here. (An overactive mind is no joke!)

How do I know? First of all, I have a doozy of an overactive mind! A DOO-ZEE! In the past, my mind has really held me prisoner. So I get the overwhelm. (You can read my story in my book You 1, Anxiety 0.) Thankfully, I’ve learned how to channel my monkey mind to positive pursuits, but on vulnerable days, I can slide back into the negative.

Also, because I’m someone who hears the deepest and darkest secrets of others, I know that I am not the only one with an overactive mind. (People often feel shame about their monkey mind, because they think they are the only one who has it as bad as they do. So they THINK of them as deep dark secrets.)

Both of these experiences helped me to know the why of the monkey mind which I share so you can finally let go of that shame (that all too often distracts you from the what you can do about it).

Watch the video and read on to learn more.

Secrets of an Overactive Mind

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Why do you have an overactive mind?

Well, because of stress. These days the majority of us are under a whole lotta stress.


Now you know what is causing the overactive mind, you know that you have to decrease the stress in your life. Either you can…

1. Change the situation.

The context of your life majorly plays a role in how you feel. Who you are around and how they think and how they treat you. What you expect from yourself, how much responsibility you feel for things you can’t do anything about. This causes stress. Sometimes changing your job or relationship or living situation is in order. If you need help here, let me know.

2. Change your mind about it.

The way you think about a stressful situation contributes to more than half of the stress of it. (In many cases, a much higher percentage.) When you feel powerless, you feel stressed. No one is ever completely powerless. Look for ways you can exercise your power and focus on that. Within every oppression, there is protest somewhere. If you need help here, let me know.

There is a way out taking one of these two paths.

How do you calm your overactive mind? Share with me.

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