Uplevel Your Mind, Body and Soul

At a spiritual, relationship, or career crossroads in your life?

Hoping to heal a broken heart? Or save a relationship?

Desire a deeper understanding of your purpose and direction?

Ready to move on from your past and elevate your soul?

Stalled from going for your dreams?

Feel unfulfilled?

Feel out of control in your life and anxious?

Sad, stuck or having physical issues?

Intuitive Counseling and Coaching with Jodi Aman

Counseling and Consulting for over 23 years...

90% of folks feel relief in less than 3 sessions and a life re-claiming within 8.

In-person at 25 Canterbury Rd Rochester NY

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If you don't get a welcome email, email us at info@jodiaman.com
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Intuitive Counseling is psychotherapy, couples counseling, business/life coaching, energy healing and spiritual direction rolled into one.

Isn't it time for your soul to soar?

An inspirational speaker and intuitive counselor for over 20 years, Jodi Aman, LCSW-R shows people how to activate miracles. Through humor and warmth, her popular YouTube Channel inspires thousands of people all over the world to get clarity, push past fear, evolve their consciousness and live aligned with joy. Having clawed her way out of her own emotional turmoil, Jodi shares her story of stepping into her personal power, and that of many of her clients in her best selling book, You 1,  Anxiety 0: Win your life back from fear and panic. Her workbook for teens is being released in July 2020! She’ll teach you how to change limiting beliefs, calm life’s chaos, create peace and embody happiness in your life.

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I was concerned I wouldn’t get the “full” experience with my therapy session being over the phone. My concerns were unfounded. It was amazing and well worth it. Don’t hesitate to give Jodi a try–even if you can’t get to her location. She totally “gets it” and can find the root of the problem. She knows where your mind goes and where it needs healing! I truly believe she’s one of the best out there. ” ~A. L.

You've got this. I am here for you.

Let's get you on the fastest, simplest, easiest path to great physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness by showing you the exact steps you need to take to have the life, family, career, adventures that you deserve. If I can oversimplify it without YOUR unique specifics...

First, we discover what the problem is - then you get rid of it.

Next, we find out what you desire & we make a plan to bring it to you.

Last and most importantly, you practice. (And begin to enjoy peace, comfort, and full-bodied living.)

(When you're faced with so many different options to get help for yourself and you don't KNOW the perfect one, you may find it hard to take action on any of them. Don't despair! I work with the whole you.)

In just a few minutes, Jodi opened my eyes to something I didn't even realize I had been holding onto for years. She even made me realize the root of my problem had nothing to do with what anxiety attached to (which made me fear talking my problem out for years). That helped me overcome the fear to face the problem immediately. By the end of the session, Jodi had me actually laughing about my anxiety."  ~Kylie R.

Forgiveness Masterclass
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Raising Happy Kids

For the past 20+ years,

I’ve been counseling a wide variety of people and reminding people how awesome they are! In essence, I teach you how to change limiting beliefs, calm life’s chaos, create peace and understand the world. Using intuition, I get to the root of things efficiently, so our consultations are uber effective. As I get to know your soul and learn what a tenacious and unique person you are, I’ll be able to guide you on a path away from the problems you’re facing. You will leave our sessions feeling so light! And knowing that someone really understands and cares about you, I know you will be ready to take the next steps to start living the life you want and deserve.

You are right here, right now. I believe that you are reading my counseling web page for a reason. You found me because someone told you about me, you read my book or watched a video a friend shared. It has lead you here. I take that as a sign, don't you?

Counseling with me

Local Office: 25 Canterbury Road Rochester NY 14607
Online Office: Anywhere you are by phone or video

I don't take health insurance since my approach is holistic. If my services seem cost-prohibitive for your family, consider:
♥ You can still use your deductible, HSA or out of network benefits. Call your medical insurance for information!
♥ Working with someone with 25 years of experience is worth it. I'm skilled enough to avoid the it-gets-worse-before-it-gets-better paradigm. People come to me when they are ready to do the practice* needed to reclaim their life on their terms. I help the penny drop as everything you have learned from all your experiences gets integrated. Limiting beliefs that kept you stuck for so long are released swiftly and painlessly.
♥ You can get my free Let it Go mp3! Or order my Forgiveness Masterclass or Banish Anxiety Masterclass right now with an option to get one phone session with me at a steal!
♥ You can get my book on Amazon for immediate help! You 1, Anxiety 0! Win your life back from fear and panic
♥ Also, I work with Kids, Teens, Couples, and Whole Families.

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Help kids with anxiety

Welcome to your freer, happier, calmer, clarity-filled life! Your wellbeing is the most precious asset you have. Everything else you value depends on THIS.

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Get Started: Let Go of What is Not Working in Your Life

Most thought leaders tell you, “You have to let go!” (well, duh!).
I SHOW you how to do it. When you leave the cage of the past,
you move freely into loving yourself, enjoying your life and embodying your purpose.

jodi aman

Rochester NY

I just had my first appointment with Jodi and was absolutely impressed. Talking with her is very comfortable and easy. She is very enlightening and thought provoking. I left the appointment feeling empowered to take control of my stressors and anxiety and positive about my future. I’m looking forward to our next appointment.

jodi aman

Geneva NY

Jodi has the ability to lift me out of those dark places I find myself in sometimes. She has the knowledge and background to relieve my mind helping me to find hope when hope eludes me with compassion, understanding and empathy.

jodi aman

Cape May NJ

I chose Jodi based on her book, videos, Web site and more, and have nothing but positive things to say. She really knows about anxiety and shares openly with care and compassion. She has been a great “cheerleader” for me and I keep her words in mind day to day. Big thanks to Jodi

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