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Online Anxiety Recovery Training • One-on-One Counseling • Anxiety Coaching Group

Learn-at-Home Anxiety Recovery and Happiness Training

Healing in your own home, at your leisure, with my signature Anxiety-Free Me!™ and Master Happiness trainings. With in-depth videos, audios, articles, and worksheets, you’ll get everything you need to win your freedom back from fear and panic and build confidence and happiness in your life. Besides the intense suffering, one of the biggest consequences of anxiety is it’s toll on your relationships, career and life purpose.

If you get rid of anxiety, all of that changes. You have better, more joyful relationships. You have the confidence to advance in your career and enjoy financial stability. You will feel fulfilled will your life on your terms, letting you be the person that you want to be in the world, and making the world a better place to be.


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Psychotherapy and One-On-One Coaching

Supplement the other programs or just work with me one-on-one. I’m not your typical pathologizing, digging all through the past, re-traumatizing you kind of psychotherapist. My main focus is on breaking down what is not working for you and bringing out the happy, purposeful, fun YOU. I help people through difficult times, process grief, rejuvinate relationships, overcome depression, get rid of anxiety and release the negative energy imprint of their traumtic past. You’ll walk away from the negative self-judgments and start practicing self-compassion. I teach you how to become your own healer and sustain and continue your progress long after working with me.  What have you got to lose?

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Anxiety Coaching Group

Gather by phone with a group of people who totally understand what you are going through while I guide you through how to free yourself of fear, resistance, anxiety, self-doubt, worries, insecurities, stress and overwhelm. Gone. As in, ba-bye! Once you rid your life of fear, you’ll learn how to bring joy, happiness and healing into your life on every level. We meet for one 2-hour call every week on a teleconference for five weeks. That’s ten hours of coaching where I expose anxiety and build your know-how! Space is limited so that everyone will get a chance to talk to me live for individualized help. New group begins every other month.

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