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Ways to work with me:

Private Intuitive Counseling and Coaching

Online or in-person: Intuitive Counseling is psychotherapy, life coaching, energy healing, and spiritual direction rolled into one. Individual or couples counseling. With over 20 years of experience helping people understand and let go of what is holding them back, one session with Jodi is like 5-6 sessions typical psychotherapy sessions.  

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Consulting with Kids, Teens and Their Families

When someone has problems in a family, everyone shares the problem. Let's get your family back under control by getting your child/teen better.

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Psychotherapy Mentoring

Supervision, training and spiritual direction for busy counselors waiting to stay present and skilled with their clients, as well as and intentional with their families as well as profitable in their purpose.

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Activate and Integrate Your Intuition

6-Week Intuitive Development Intensive in Rochester, NY for therapists, psychologists, coaches, and other healing professionals to open the doorway to efficient and aligned deep healing.

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Conscious Parenting

Welcome in present tense, purposeful, full-frontal happiness. Advice for parenting Gen Z without losing your mind! Online help for raising happy kids and teens. Videos on releasing fears and forgiveness. Be the best you for the best around you.

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Book Jodi for Training or Speaking!

Speaking in high schools, universities and agencies, Jodi teaches Gen Z, their parents and helpers how to feel worthy, empowered and in control. Topics include anxiety, relationships, confidence, and courage. 

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Anxiety Help

Whether it is you or your kids struggling, anxiety sucks and you don't deserve it.  However, anxiety is highly treatable. So let me show you how to get rid of it for once and for all! 

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You + Me = Happy You

I have always been passionate about nurturing life of people, animals, and plants. With sharp empathy into the complexities of people's pain, since I have recovered from my own family chaos and panic attacks, and a keen understanding of how and why people get stuck there, I have decided to dedicate my life to helping people find peace of mind and create life full of vitality.

Yes. In my past, I have suffered such bad grief and low self-esteem that I didn't even want to get out of bed. Yes! I HAVE swum in the pools of self-loathing and anxiety. (No one would ever know that by looking at me! I hid it. I looked fine even when I felt full of shizzle on the inside! Just, I am guessing, like you are!)


nobody knows exactly how you interpret your feelings, BUT I understand being in pain. That is one thing clients tell me over and over- that I "get it" when rarely do they feel like anyone gets them. They feel heard.

That's what you would feel when we worked together: Understood. Seen. Accepted.

It is only when you are understood, seen and accepted that you can be liberated from the gunk that holds you back from FULL-THROTTLE HAPPINESS.

You'll be free to feel loved, connected, and supported on this earth and beyond. Emancipated from a mind full of doubt to self-realize into your higher divine purpose and soar.

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Getting you to where you want to be

Intuitive Counseling

With my intuition and experience, we discover the issue that's blocking you quite quickly so we can move on to bringing more practical miracles into your daily life. Even if you have been doing "the work" for a LONG time but you feel like you are just going in circles, I help you up-level your perspective so you can jump forward to where to see what is really going on.

Unfortunately, some of you who have seen other coaches/counselors, come to me with an understanding of their problems from the past.

Their coach/counselor/massage therapist is trying to call them on their blind spots, and no one is noticing what they ARE NOW; nor are they inviting them to the party to celebrate their Oneness. (And they wonder why they are stuck!) Nobody is helping them integrate their progress and update their story in their minds and bodies.


these other practitioners are skilled at reading you, but they are just reading your stuck-ness.

I work on you going forward. We'll consider the past and we heal it, but not by expending our precious energy there. We do it by cleaning up its energy here. We will make clear meaning around it, acknowledging and deeply validating you, so you lose the energy imprint of it and it no longer keeps flipping you back into its lair.

Consciously Parenting Gen Z

My work with each individual is vastly different because I guide with the way that person needs me to. So it is difficult to sum it up universally. Basically, we find the problem, we get rid of it, and I help you discover who you are in the process.

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