Pet Therapy – 6 Ways That Animals Heal Us

Hey, all you animal lovers! You are going to FLIP over this blog and video. (I wish you can all hug him in person!) I’m talking about Pet Therapy and how our pets can heal us, even save our lives. Animal lovers kinda know this already, right? You have felt that special bond with your little fur baby. Without saying a word, these incredible creatures can help us feel heard, loved and seen.

Pet therapy is not a new thing. It has been around for a while. The goal is to improve a person’s well-being- emotionally, mentally, socially etc. Pets can help us recover faster. Whether it’s after a surgery, during a grieving period or even post-trauma, animals can offer the care and reassurance that we humans so need. These things are upsetting to our nervous systems, but the unconditional love of a pet can have a significant calming effect.

Meet Winston

pet therapy

Winston is the newest addition to the Aman family. And he is a cuddle lover! Our daughter has been asking for a dog for a very long time and finally, my husband relented. We are in love with this little sweet little stinker.

Watch the video and read on to learn more about Winston AND the many benefits of Pet Therapy 🙂

Pet Therapy:  6 Ways that Animals Heal Us

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6 Ways Animals Help Us Heal and Even Save Our Lives

1. Connection – We connect with our pets through touch (which calms the nervous system), but pets also help us with a sense of belonging and purpose. They look to us to care for them and want to love us back so badly. This is so beneficial because it means we feel less alone.

2. Gain Self-worth – The love of a pet helps us feel good about ourselves because it helps us feel loved. Even if we can’t get it right with the humans in our lives, we can come home to an animal who always accepts us.

3. Good Distraction – Our pets require care. This means we can’t stay in our heads all the time because another living creature needs us. Getting out of our own stuff so that we can be there for someone else is so good for us!

4. Builds Confidence – In order to take care of another living thing, we have to have some skills. Having a pet connects you to your innate life skills and helps you see how great you are at nourishing another soul.

5. Help Us See the Big Picture – Connecting with pets (and nature or other people for that matter) opens up our world and experience. We trade our narrow view with our negative thoughts and problems for a brighter, more positive one.

6. Remind Us to Be More Present – Animals live in the moment. It’s their nature to do so. And just by being around them, we can learn to be more present. This lessens suffering and increases gratitude.

How has your pet helped you heal in your life? Share with me.

4 thoughts on “Pet Therapy – 6 Ways That Animals Heal Us”

  1. Hi Jodi! Winston is soooo cute! My Buffy and Fluffy send him licks! Pets are truly special. Gifts from God. I love taking care of my sweeties and they take care of me in return. I always say the three of us are a pack and we work well together. Sometimes one of us pulls the alpha card but soon realize it upsets the pack’s balance. Don’t worry, they know I’m the food source and that makes me the main one. lol

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