The Curse of Being Highly Sensitive

This blog is a love note to all my highly sensitive friends out there.

***I see you and I feel you.***

If you think about human evolution, being highly sensitive to the energies and rhythms around you served people when they were living closer to the earth. Ancient humans were connected to the wisdom and seasons of the natural world. They could live in synchronicity with it. It benefitted them, protected them, fed them and helped them thrive to be highly sensitive to the world and their communities. What an incredible blessing.

highly sensitive

Nowadays, being highly sensitive can feel somewhat like a curse. That’s mostly because our surrounding is no longer solely natural. It is filled with electronics, and content coming out of those electronics about conflicts in our communities and across the globe. We are practically drowning in this content that on purpose triggers our nervous system to get us to act out the agenda of the content creator. Plus all of that content increases people’s anxiety and negativity and sensitive people feel that as well.

When you are Highly Sensitive…

So we are highly sensitive and what we are sensitive to is fraying our nerves, instead of feeding us and helping us feel security in connection.

Some people’s answer is to “de-sensitize.” This mostly happens unconsciously as a way to avoid the intensity of the stimulus. But that doesn’t feel safer to me. It means I’d lose important connections to what I hold precious. Nor as a community member: Because de-sensitized people don’t always put the highest good of all in front of their decisions. I’d rather stay highly sensitive. The literature on highly sensitive people is deeply validating to folks that felt crazy that they felt so much and not knowing why. But there’s seems to be some misinformation going around that “this is something you just have to deal with.” This doesn’t seem too hopeful. Highly sensitive people have humanitarian missions and the planet needs them, especially now. We don’t want them to hide their gift under a bushel to cope with life.

So, if you are highly sensitive, what do you do? Watch my video

The Curse (and the Blessing) of Being Highly Sensitive

The blessing of being highly sensitive

We have the power to decide what is and isn’t allow to affect us. So we can take the blessing and all that comes with that (mentioned in the video), and let go of the suffering aspect. You don’t need to do it anymore! Here are some ways to do it.

  1. Know you are not crazy. Have tons of compassion for yourself.
  2. Be aware and make conscious decisions on what you consume.
  3. Get physical and emotional distance from highly negative people (Read this blog for how).
  4. Believe with all of your heart that you have the power to block out what you don’t want to take in. (This is by far your biggest protector.)
  5. Have a highly sensitive mentor to help you use your gifts and not be overwhelmed by them.
  6. Spend more time walking or deep breathing in nature to help you integrate.

Drop me a comment and tell me what you think!

3 thoughts on “The Curse of Being Highly Sensitive”

  1. It’s only in the last few years that I first heard about highly sensitive people. I didn’t know what it means and how to identify them and if I was one of them. I think I am.

      1. I’m sorry, I’ll watch it right now. I actually read the blog. I should learn to get over this silly fear of getting too emotional watching the videos

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