Coping with Difficult People


Learning how to cope with difficult people is an attitude adjustment. On your part.

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Difficult people can shift the energy of a place

I have been around my share of difficult people. People who are so miserable, that negativity oozes out of their pores. They are passive-aggressive, mean-spirited, grumpy, judgmental, and often humorless (unless it’s at someone else’s expense). Not easy to be around. In fact, energy is contagious. Excitement and happiness spreads, and so does negativity. One difficult person can take down a whole room.

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Don’t underestimate the power of your mind to counter this. When you think you are helpless in the midst of difficult people, you will maintain that helplessness and the negativity can seep into your heart and mind, taking you down with it. We’ve all been there. It’s especially hard when we come into the situation fragile to begin with.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You may feel helpless, but you are not! You have 100% of the power to respond to a situation in any way you like. You can empower yourself to protect yourself and your surroundings. You can even shift the energy of the room by spreading positivity.

Watch today’s episode and find out what to do.

Coping with Difficult People

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Get yourself space, emotionally. Nothing can bother you unless you let it bother you.

This is not an invitation to judge yourself for letting things bother you. I do it. Everyone does it. Have compassion for yourself here. It is a pain to be around difficult people. You are not doing it wrong. But you are suffering, so let’s practice the way to stop the suffering.

If you believe you can protect yourself from difficult people, that is going to make the biggest difference. You don’t have to take on any energy from other people if you don’t want to.

Now that you are not taking it on and feel safe, try to spread the positivity back into the room. Start with intention, and then a smile, and then a compliment. If the difficult person is too grumpy, do these things with other people also affected just like you were before you watched my video.

Try it today and let me know what happens. Or share thoughts and questions below. 

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