Overcome Burnout With These Two Actions That You Need to Take Right Now

Do you ever feel burnout? Sometimes I just can’t face more computer work! My mind is on overdrive trying to get it all done. The list is never-ending. More requests coming in. Each task taking way longer than it ought to. My back hurts from being stationary and hunched over my laptop. People are suffering all over.  My adrenaline is kicking in. And, then I release that I forgot something that I promised someone, and I feel overwhelmed. 

In those times. I know what I need. 1. To walk outside and, 2) To be with an uplifting live human person instead of this $%^^#& laptop. I need to step away to a place where my unfinished tasks don’t taunt me. 

Modern life is unbalancing.

Burnout is THE buzz word nowadays. It is because content and things-to-do are coming at us so fast! And, we have such pressure to keep up that our system becomes out-of-balance. It’s not even that we are doing too many tasks. (With modern conveniences, we actually do much fewer chores that our parents and grandparents.) The problem is that we are not able to integrate all we do. And that lack of integration zaps our energy.  

overcome burnout

Toxic stress (anxiety and negative self-judgment), multitasking, and deficit mentality keep us from integration. (If you want to understand integration further, ask me in the comments and I will do a Facebook Live and instagram on it.) So yes, if you are following along what I’m saying, you’ll realize that burnout is both caused by judgment and anxiety and then increases them. It can be a downward spiral once you get started. Then, when you are overwhelmed by life, it makes it harder to have the energy to practice things to keep you feeling good physically and emotionally. It takes energy that you don’t have to move your body, make offerings to the earth, hug a tree, meditate, journal, or make time for friends even though these are the things you need most of all when you have burnout. 

Being in balance

Usually, I rebuff the metaphor of “balance” because we have begun to give it truth status. As if there is one “true balance” that we should be achieving! The expectation that you need to achieve true balance, is… unbalancing! Besides, it is undefinable so you couldn’t know you succeeded. You would just keep running on that hamster wheel creating more toxic stress. 

By the way, you are not unbalanced. Modern life is unbalancing (i.e., technology, phones, social media––watch my TEDx talk for how these affect you!).  If you feel imbalanced, you are not the problem! The burnout, the exhaustion and overwhelm? That is exactly how regular human being reacts to this modern world. 

What do you do about burnout? 

You have stress, it feels awful, and, the good news is, with awareness and practice, you don’t have to stay there. Watch my video to see the two things that help you recover from burnout.

Two things that help to overcome burnout

  1. Take a break.
  2. Get acknowledged. 

Probably, most of the things that you do for yourself to assist you when you’re having a rough time falls into one of these categories. 

One more thing I do when I am burned out is to read stories of hope. Let me know what you do when you are burned out!

P.S. I originally heard about these two ways to beat burn out from Michael White. 

5 thoughts on “Overcome Burnout With These Two Actions That You Need to Take Right Now”

  1. I work a lot, specially in the last 2 years. I work much more than I physically can handle, but I feel burned out when all my efforts are useless. This is what breaks me. I can work days and nights non stop and feel happy about it if it’s for a good cause. Today I felt burned out and overwhelmed, so much that I tried to distract myself with things that made me happy in the past. I couldn’t get to read this before now.

      1. Yes, you’re right. In my work it is useful. What about the other levels, family, friends, community? What is one thing I have to offer? What is one thing for example that makes me useful for Jodi?

        1. Everyone needs to be useful. It helps us get through the hard times. I appreciate you. If you want to do something for me to have a sense of purpose, I’ll oblige. But it has to be fun and uplifting!

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