How to Clear Your Emotional Blocks and Step Into Open-Hearted (and Safe) Healing

Do you ever feel cut off by wholeness because of some emotional blocks that have you tensed up, armored, pulling back and hesitating to take risks? Are they blocking you from closeness in relationships, opportunities, or WORSE, your full potential?

Sometimes the things that affect our mental and emotional lives the most are things that fall below our awareness. When something happens, we start to judge it and get so scared of feeling our feelings and so worried that those emotions will take us over that we stuff them down. Deep.

You’d think that being stuffed down there, these events, emotions, past hurts shouldn’t be able to bother you so much!


When they are not allowed to be felt, and so “get stuffed,” they can tear us apart from the inside. And, often when you block their natural release, they end up coming out sideways. This is confusing because then you may not even see the connection between what caused the emotional block and what is currently happening. And, if you don’t know what caused it, you get tripped up on trying to figure it out, AND you don’t know how to clear it.

emotional blocks subconcious

On the other hand, when you become aware of them and understand them, they are a lot easier to remove.

In this blog, you will find out:

What are these emotional blocks?

Where do they come from?

How do you get rid of them?

What are emotional blocks? Where do they come from?

Emotional blocks get in the way of your life. They are mostly fears of being inadequate and being vulnerable that keeps you (or sometimes keeps you) from loving, enjoying, connecting, and opening, even when it is safe to do it. They happen when your sub-conscious reads a safe situation as dangerous, because of something that happened to you in the past. It could have been a trauma that happened to you, or it could have been a little thing that built up big over time.

When something happens to you, it creates a story in your mind. For example, “I make mistakes.” And unfortunately, if you tell yourself that enough times, subsequent events are understood through that story. It becomes part of your identity. They take on a life of their own. So much so, that even little benign errors get spun to monumental mistakes. And eventually, you begin to trust yourself so little that this becomes an emotional block to making decisions.

This is the thing. We sometimes are convinced that our emotional blocks protect us. They. Don’t.

Most emotional blocks are guilt and fear because we are afraid of being exposed and are afraid of being vulnerable. Listen up: Being vulnerable is only dangerous . . . if there is danger.

Watch my video to see why we think we have to protect ourselves and how to clear those emotional blocks.

Clearing Emotional Blocks

Being Aware of Them

I make the case in the video that having awareness is most of the work to release emotional blocks. Our past holds so much power creating beliefs deep in the subconscious. The subconscious just wants to keep you safe. It doesn’t care if it mistakes safe things for dangerous things.

When you don’t know explicitly what the beliefs are, you can’t make rational decisions whether to keep them or not. And, the mystery of the fear holds so much more power. So, when you bring those fear out in the open, it becomes easy to make a shift.

If you still need more help to loosen your emotional blocks, talk it over with a friend, work with me, and remember: stories are created, not by truths, but by repetition. Therefore, in order to change a belief, you have to repeat the new one. I cover how to do this in the last chapter of my book, “You 1, Anxiety 0.

4 thoughts on “How to Clear Your Emotional Blocks and Step Into Open-Hearted (and Safe) Healing”

  1. Something very weird happened to me with this Blog post. I read it every day since you wrote it, but it’s only now that I could make sense of it. And then today, it is very clear and it makes perfect sense. My biggest emotional block is the fear of being misunderstood, and it DOES represent danger for me because when someone misunderstands me, I just hurt and cry and say nothing and let the person believe whatever so I’d rather never say anything to avoid that.

    1. The problem is that people may not believe you because of their own mind limits, compulsions manipulations, and fears, and I totally get why, but you take on their limits as your problems and this hurts so much.

  2. This is a big help! I fight my depression block on my own, I decided to fix it by myself and I hope this will help as well. Thank you for blogging this!

  3. You have nailed it completely! To give you an example, fear of speaking in public is very real and it all stems of being inadequate and being judged by others. Like there are many other fears that keep us small in our day today life and hold us from really soaring and touch the skies.

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