Activate Your Heart: Make Better Choices, Have Better Experiences

What does your heart need right now?
This current situation can be so disorienting, especially when you read scary articles or watch a few doom and gloom broadcasts. (Hope you listen to your heart before you cross the line to “too many.”)
“Too many” means you lost alignment and trust with yourself and the world and the adrenaline begins to course through you making you feel untethered, to earth, and to hope itself.
This stress and anxiety make you feel topsy-turvy, so you barely know which way is up. There is so much unknown. And, so much preciousness that you hold dear.
Let me ask you…

How are you actively protecting and supporting your heart and emotional wellbeing?

Are you feeling called to higher mental abilities to cope?
Are you being caring and nurturing to your physical soft human?
And, most importantly, are you spending time developing your heart-centered spiritual wellbeing? (This is essential during challenging times!)
Are you allowing your all of your feelings, having compassion and understanding for them, so they don’t hide inside where they will just grab you later?
Are you finding compassion for yourself and your community? (Even when some people are not following the rules.)
With everything in chaos, how do you tap into your most wise self for guidance and trust? Because, if there was ever a time your heart needed to embrace all of what you are and can do, it is now.
I’m here to support you. My Activate and Develop Your Intuition self-study e-Course is available now. Go here to register:

developing intuition your heart
Develop Your Intuition

Your heart needs integration and healing

Integration helps us figure things out so we don’t get stuck on something negative. It takes hope, commitment, and understanding into your center helping you feel grounded and connected. Instead of lost and out of control.

Developing your intuition helps you make better choices and have better experiences. 

More than ever we need our intuition

We need to practice our skills in connecting to our deep wisdom. We need to know which next steps to take, and when to take them. Everyone has this ability, but when life is too busy we just go through the motions and hardly have time to stop and drop-in for this inner guidance. 

And, sometimes our inner critic is droning on and on, keeping our attention on our deficits. This program is built to dismiss the self-critic, the self-doubt, and your “not good enough”s. 

It will help you change directions if your path is hard or difficult. Or, keep going if you are on the right path. You see, it is not a ham-sandwich. Because not everyone needs the same thing. You’ll learn if you have to bend a bit more this way or push a bit more that way. And with the live group, you will get individual attention on what is specifically going on. 

When you connect to your natural organic abilities, things that seem out of your control don’t matter that much. Because you can trust yourself to create what you want and need. You’ll make decisions for your highest good and the highest good of everyone around you. So, are you in?

Learn More about the Develop Your Intuition

5-week e-Course

I’m thinking of you and praying for all of you and your loved ones. Hoping to send that your way, I have been sharing my thoughts through podcasts, guest speaking spots, news channels and by video on social media with intentions to spread some love and hope right now.

If you are looking for something positive, look no further! I have been posting on and YouTube.

Also, did you see me on the news, last week and this week?

Activate and Develop Your Intuition self-study e-Course

If You Can Fully Depend on Your Intuition, You Can

  • Make swift aligned decisions
  • Help yourself and others heal
  • Know what your loved-ones need
  • Understand that you are not alone
  • Act in the highest good of all
  • Make sense of other’s people’s thoughts and actions
  • Feel calm and stay intentional, even amidst crisis or tragedy

The 5-week e-Course: Activate and Develop Your Intuition is 30 hours of training with a private supportive Facebook group. This program is not only content-rich (check out the video titles at this link) but it is also transmissional. This means that there is energy in the videos that activate your soul to these practices.

Learn More about the Develop Your Intuition 5-week e-Course!

1 thought on “Activate Your Heart: Make Better Choices, Have Better Experiences”

  1. In eastern philosophy, they always talk about heart, how to fix it in the right place and why it is important not to always think from your mind but listen also to your heart while making crucial decisions in our lives because that’s where intuition comes into play. I am sure this course will be very interesting.

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