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Let’s Talk Suicide Prevention

The topic of suicide prevention is a difficult one, but so pervasive. Everyone has been touched by suicide in some way. We either know someone who has done it, or someone who has felt like they wanted to or we have wanted to commit suicide ourselves. It is a dark and scary place to be. It is a hopeless place to be.

That hopelessness is exactly what needs to be broken through in order to prevent someone from taking their own life. To know hopelessness you must also have known hope at some point. That hope is key to suicide prevention.

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I Want To Know What Is Behind That Hope

We can think back to that time you were hopeful. What sustains that hope?

I want to know why someone wants to live- to hear more about it and let those words and the care for that thing float around the room, come around a person in a big hug and make them want to live even more! I’m in awe of why someone wants to live, so that awe is reflected back and they are in awe too.

Go here to for suicide prevention for when someone you love is thinking about suicide.

Let’s dive in and watch the video…

Suicide Prevention for You or Someone You Love

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Trade Shame for Compassion

When all the hurt and the guilt and the negative self-judgment pile up, it is overwhelming. We feel like we cannot handle it. Instead, we want to disappear. We would rather die than face one more ounce of pain.

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But what if, slowly, you could trade those shameful thoughts for compassionate ones? What if you could be willing to give yourself a little love instead of all the blame? Trust me- you are skilled and you are a survivor. You are capable. I wish foryou to see that!

P.S. I still do private consulting!


How have you been able to show compassion for yourself? 

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