3 Ways to Crush Self-Doubt & Live Bigger

Do you wish you could crush self-doubt before it crushes you?

You know, we wouldn’t dream of speaking to our enemies as harshly as we speak to ourselves. And most of the time it is crap and lies we are telling ourselves.

(Even though it sounds very logical and evidential…

You never get it right.

It usually doesn’t work out for you.

Why are you so tired all the time?

It’s not going to work.

You messed that up.

Why didn’t you say something?

How did you let that happen you?

You sounded so stupid.

You are overreacting.

…it NEVER is.)

Stop Being so Mean!

self doubt being mean

Expectations and pressures we place on ourselves — to be awesome, healed, perfect, young, smart, thin, independent, cool — are increasing in scope and intensity. Not being able to meet these outrageously high personal standards easily convinces us that we’re a failure at life — inadequate, deficient and unable.

This kind of worry feeds itself, building momentum like a repeating, increasing cycle. You think you are inadequate, you feel bad about yourself, which makes you feel more inadequate, which makes you feel worse about yourself.

At First I Couldn’t Crush Self-Doubt

And so it controlled me.

You know how you compare yourself to everyone around you, judging yourself harshly, trying to figure out if you are normal? Guess what, it is not just you who worries you’re “not enough.” It is everybody. Yep, you, me, and everyone you deal with on a daily basis. We all grapple with this.

Let me repeat that just in case it didn’t sink in the first time.

We ALL grapple with this.

(We’ve just gotten good at hiding it.)

On the outside, I seem pretty confident, right? (Well, I am getting better.) I feel comfortable in my skin most of the time but in the past? Yikes! And you wouldn’t know it by looking at me! I looked totally different on the outside than I felt on the inside where I was thinking:

“Nobody likes me. No-one notices me. Nobody seems to care. I’ll never be good enough.”

I didn’t think I deserved to be noticed or liked or cared about. As you can imagine, or maybe you know from personal experience, that didn’t feel very good. This made me doubt everything I did!

Unsurprisingly, I came to a point where I couldn’t stand feeling this way, anxious, alone and worthless.

In this video, I share three ways I discovered to crush self-doubt so you can move beyond feeling this way, live bigger and be the you that you are meant to be!

3 Ways to Crush Self-Doubt

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You’ve Got Places to Go, People to Love

You’re awesome and loved and needed. It’s vital to crush self-doubt so that you can be more, do more and love more! The possibility exists to rise above all the nonsense thoughts that only want to keep you down. Certainly, you can. You do it every day.

You are very skilled and you can trust yourself. Look at how you have survived loads of hard things! Maybe it’s hard to see, but my friend, you have handled a lot. Think: How did you get this far in life? You got through hard things.

Self-doubt wants you to focus on it. The trick is to engage your mind in something else so it doesn’t have the brain space anymore. Don’t get caught in the content of what it is saying – it has just made it up anyway.

If you can’t see what I am talking about consider working with me– even for a few sessions- so we can know it out.

Keep coming back to these 3 ways to crush self-doubt and consequently, your life will change. Opportunities will be seized, relationships will improve and you will live bigger.

What will you do today in spite of what self-doubt might say to stop you?

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