Parenting Through Panic Attacks: Yours or Theirs

Oof. Panic attacks are the WORST!

I know this because I’ve had them. Heartbreakingly, I’ve also seen my own children have them. And parenting through panic attacks, whether it is you having the panic attack or them having it, is especially difficult, because there are two important things to deal with at the same time.

You Can’t Panic and Be Present at the Same Time

In my work, I’ve talked many people down from panic attacks, many of them worrying they’d lost touch with reality. They described feeling disconnected from the world around them, seeing their surroundings as surreal. From my perspective, it was easy to see that they were speaking rationally and clearly, but they were terrified about how they felt.

The panic attack pulls you in to your monkey mind. And you get stuck in the anxious thoughts which are beacons for your attention. So it is hard to focus on anything else.

parenting through panicI remembered from my own panicky days how I was my head, too. And I had less patience for my young children. It totally charged up my panic, making me feel even more disconnected and then more anxious and then more disconnected… And guilty. I didn’t want to be around people. It felt impossible to be in the moment and focus on what is happening right now in the present. Instead, I felt like I was spiraling.

Have you ever felt like that? Do you wonder what to do when you are in charge of young ones when you are spiraling?

When Kids Panic

What about when they panic?

You want to be there for your babies. Of course, you do! It’s terrifying to watch them caught up in a panic and feel helpless to do anything. You want to stop that darn panic attack.

I’m glad you are here. You are demonstrating incredible strength and self-awareness by your willingness to help yourself and your kids. This is no small thing, my friend. Beating yourself up over feeling helpless will get you nowhere. Learning about why panic attacks happen in the first place and what you can do will help you navigate and prevent future panic attacks.

I am here for you. The good news is that what helps you, helps them.

In this week’s video, I offer what I have learned about parenting through panic attacks. Whether it’s you, your child, or everyone…I’m confident you’ve come to the right place.

Parenting Through Panic Attacks

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Anxiety-Free Kids! HelpingKids Shrink Anxiety
Anxiety-Free Kids! Helping Kids Shrink Anxiety

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Anxiety Lies

The fear response was biologically created to protect you. Anxiety, though? Anxiety doesn’t protect you at all. Remember: everything that anxiety tells you is a lie.

When you remember what you know, anxiety has a harder time convincing you of its lies. It takes down the intensity of the anxiety if it comes at all.

Use the tips I give in the video above and watch your whole relationship with anxiety change, an watch your child start to smile again. No longer will anxiety be between your and your precious baby’s happiness.

You’ll be present, calm, and open.

And so will they.

Have you had to try parenting through panic attacks? What did you do? Share it with me.

Anxiety-Free Me! Online Anxiety Recovery Program
Anxiety-Free Me! Online Anxiety Recovery Program

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