Healing Teens Brains, Bodies & Spirits Post-Pandemic

Consolidated Resources for Conscious Parents, Practitioners, & Educators
on how to help Gen Z navigate the modern world.

Saving adolescents from the current mental health crisis

Receive all my favorite curated and created articles, blogs, websites, videos, books, and programs for conscious parenting.

*Resources are updated weekly!*

ALSO, recieve my Emotional Needs of Teenagers Training for Parents, Caregivers, Educators, & Practitioners

Emotional Needs of Your Teenager

In the BONUS video training, you’ll learn...

  • How the pandemic affects the brain and body.
  • Why motivation is a hot topic, and how to shift it into gear. 
  • What you and your young uns need to know now. 
  • How to best support them going forward.
  • How to help them feel empowered instead of powerless. 

Jodi Aman, DSW | Psychotherapist | Author | Advocate

Twenty-eight years of clinical experience have given me a deep resonance and empathy for the complexities of human pain. Witnessing this suffering has compelled me to stand against the context of injustice that causes it. Using this keen understanding of how and why people struggle, combined with my unique and varied training, rooted ethics, as well as decades as a trauma-informed psychotherapist, I guide sensitive souls to release what they don't want, recover their energetic bandwidth, and grok a socially conscious life of overflowing joy.
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