Calm Your Inner Storm: The Weather as Reflection of Inner Turmoil

The storm is ‘a coming. Read further how to calm your inner storm to calm the storms in our world.

Anyone who doesn’t believe that the earth is in turmoil, ought to check with the weather channel.

As Long Islanders hunkered down, Hurricane Sandy grew stronger and faster early Monday, bringing a “life-threatening storm surge” to the East Coast, forecasters said.

The maximum sustained winds increased to near 85 mph — up 10 mph from earlier Monday morning, the National Hurricane Center said in its 5 a.m. advisory. It was moving north at 15 mph — 1 mph faster than it was at 2 a.m.

Long Island Newsday

So much preparation for Hurricane Sandy is happening all over the East coast. Our activities are canceled. It is a perfect time to go within and reflect.

Calm Your Inner Storm

I think that the weather in our world is a reflection of our inner turmoil. All too often there is conflict inside us. Are we a good person? Are we deserving? We see evidence that we are; and evidence that we aren’t. A war goes on within as both side argues its case with vengeance.

“It is my fault.”

No, it is not fair.”

“I hate myself. I can’t do anything right.”

“How could someone do that to me?”

“How can I be so stupid?”

Why doesn’t anyone love me?”

“I am not worthy.”

It sounds as though I am being silly, but this conflict within us is a very serious war. It compares us to others, breeds our insecurity, festers our fears, strongholds our guilt –spoiling our mood and our happiness–and worst of all hurting our relationships. We have to stop it. (I am usually not direct or totalizing but self hatred is never good. Never.)

The world is a reflection of our mind. As long as this war is going on inside, there will be war and discord outside, between communities and in our environment. The storm and chaos will brew in the world.

You need to calm your inner storm.

Calm Your Inner Storm By Cultivating Peace

It is time to let down our weapons. Forgive our guilt, trust ourselves and love with all our hearts. (Not just love others, love yourself, too!)  If we had more compassion for ourselves, we’d have more compassion for others. If we’d stop judging ourselves, we’d stop judging others, and others would stop judging us.  (Doesn’t that sounds divine?)  If we can stop worrying so much if we are enough or if we had enough, we wouldn’t have to be greedy and take from somebody else. If we realized we were everything–that everything is connected– we’d know generosity is not a sacrifice. And, we may not have to feel quite so alone.

Also, we can feel peace.

And then that inner peace would be reflected and gifted to everyone we contacted from now on. It would spread trough the world like wildfire because our minds are linked. If we let down our defenses and loved, starting within ourselves, we can change the world. Permanently, completely.


Batten down the hatches.  The storm is coming. If it didn’t get stirred up, we wouldn’t pass through to the other side. Go with it and use it to heal within.

Reflect today and decide on one thing you can forgive yourself for. (Remember Forgiveness is a Verb!)

Try Tratak! Try meditation!

Say it out loud, write it down, to seal the commitment. Tell me below!

Please share!

21 thoughts on “Calm Your Inner Storm: The Weather as Reflection of Inner Turmoil”

  1. Harleena Singh@Freelance Writer

    Hope all those who are facing the storm or even near it remain safe Jodi!

    You are so right, when there is a turmoil and storm within us, it shows outside and the world also becomes a place of unrest. I guess going within and seeking peace within ourselves would bring help to us and our environment and life.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Jodi, sitting here awaiting “landfall,” which sounds so ominous, I realize it is indeed a good time for reflection. WIth everything cancelled of course my house is full of kids, but even they are quieter than normal in anticipation. I think I’ve become so dependent on routine to power my days. Not that I’m looking forward to what the storm brings, just the perspective change. Great post!
    Lisa W. Rosenberg recently posted..Someone Else’s NannyMy Profile

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      Nadine, would that be the case, I will rejoice. Sometime we have to put aside the red herons and look at what is really important.

  3. Well said, Jodi! One of the things I miss about living on the east coast is snow days, when you’d get to miss school or work, and have time to get to the things you never have time for, including reflecting. The last time I had anything close to that was back in ’07 when the wildfires came to San Diego full force. No school or work for a week, but we had to evacuate and I was nervous about my home. One snow day or a stormy day that forces you to stay inside, but isn’t dangerous or threatening, would be just the thing. Hope the storm isn’t as severe as they’re describing on the news!
    Monica recently posted..A Latina’s Memory of HalloweenMy Profile

    1. It didn’t devastate us here, even though we lost many trees and lost power. The schools had one day off, but I still was able to work. It was warm enough and we had water and gas, albiet without electricity. But with so many people with power it was easy to bum a shower, a plug and a place to stay for us.

  4. Our thoughts are with those on the East Coast of The States at this difficult time.

    Jodi I don’t always comment on your posts but I always find them thought provoking and interesting.

    1. Thanks, Robert. We are gathering things today to send to Long Island. It won’t be enough, but people in their resilience will make it enough!

  5. Oh man, what a great post, Jodi. I fully agree with this: “The world is a reflection of our mind. As long as this war is going on inside, there will be war and discord outside, between communities and in our environment.”

    I just finished reading “Search Inside Yourself,” a book on mindfulness, meditation and world peace that was written by Google’s 107th employee, engineer Chade-Meng Tan. He does a wonderful job at explaining the concepts in very plain language. His jokes are quite terrible, but for those who are looking for a resource but are afraid they ‘won’t understand’ meditation, this is a good one.
    Laura Zera recently posted..Love in the Time of Saran WrapMy Profile

    1. I read an article about him. Sounds like a fruitful book. Too bad about the jokes, we cannot all be funny, I guess.

  6. “If we had more compassion for ourselves, we’d have more compassion for others.” Jodi, I love this line! So true! I pray and trust that you have weathered the storm and are faring okay. My mother and the Daughter live in North Carolina and with the exception of wind and rain, all is okay. What a storm Sandy has been! A monster storm, and so much destruction. Your words put so many things in perspective. They really do. I think if we learned to forgive ourselves more easily, we wouldn’t be as depressed, sad, guilty. I would definitely forgive my inability to delegate. I’m not a control freak in the true sense of the word but I do find it hard to trust others to do what needs to be done. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that I’m the eldest of three and that my mother always expected me to watch over my siblings, set an example, be a role model. Being a single mom also made me wary of delegating. I’m slowly learning to share responsibility and to let go when things don’t get done in a specific way or at a precise time. My mental health is depending on me to do this! Happy Halloween, lady! 🙂
    Bella recently posted..What do you really want to be?My Profile

    1. I am learning it, too, I guess we truly are all in it together. I have totally let go of perfectionism, it works for me and I am much happier!

  7. I read this post twice before but I guess I was too anxious to understand it. I love this: “As long as this war is going on inside, there will be war and discord outside” I have always believed this. Even as a child, when people used to ask me about the war, i used to explain that there is war in my country because no one is happy with what he has and everyone wants to get what others have. I didn’t think of it as self love, but acceptance. I don’t think I love myself (not yet) but I accept myself the way I am, and most of all, I accept what life is giving me, all its experiences, bad and better.
    I know I can get tired sometimes and i do complain, but I rarely ask why, and I never asked why me?
    Nikky44 recently posted..Suicide? Why?My Profile

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