How to Create Rituals

We don’t usually think too hard about how to create rituals, since most of the ones that we engage in everyday came from our culture.

I loved the comments and ideas shared after Monday’s post Five Benefits of Ritual. Everyone seemed to understand that we engage in ritual constantly even though there are many names for it. They can also be called habits and routines. We call it writing, praying, exercising, cooking, eating, talking, breathing, kissing, reading, holding hands, watching a TV show, planning, celebrating, laughing, playing, etc, etc.

How to create rituals?

1. Decide to do something consciously. That “something” could be anything–whatever is important to us.  Making a commitment, giving ourselves some time to breathe, letting go of hurt, embarking on a new project, or stepping into a new identity.

How to Create Rituals
These are rocks I used to symbolize a community surrounding a loved one going through a hard time.

2. Set aside some time to focus it and why it is important to you. Think about what future it might make possible. Spend a few minutes imagining this.

3. Add ceremony. Do something symbolic to hold this in your heart and mind. For example, do the Tibetan Star Meditation. Light a candle. Make a poster. Tie a string around your finger. This will not only remind you of your commitment, but give it your energy and attention.It creates meaning around it giving you a sense of robustness and confidence. You can have a very involved ceremony, or something small and sacred.

4. Recognize and express gratitude for the goodness that is around you which you can draw on as you move toward your goal.

5. Tell someone your plan, commitment, dream, wish, or hope.  Give it energy by being accountable.

5. Follow it up with action steps. Walk the walk.

Best way to get rid of anxiety!

These are very general because the sky is the limit!  There are so many things we can do!  None are right and wrong. It helps me to keep in mind, that what I focus on, I give energy to. So, I mind-as-well be conscious of it and make sure it is what I want.

Live consciously!

What other ideas do you all have on how to create rituals?

Please share!

20 thoughts on “How to Create Rituals”

  1. Great post, Jodi; sorry I missed the first one. I’ve been underground lately, adjusting to my children’s new schedules. I think rituals are so important–for transitions, for acknowledging the weight and meaning of an event, for healing. I was lucky enough to attend a seminar with Evan Imber-Black on her work with rituals in family therapy. So interesting and helpful.

    I am inspired by the way you write about conscious living!
    Lisa W. Rosenberg recently posted..Raising Scout: Why a Little Old-Time Danger is Good for KidsMy Profile

  2. Does eyebrow plucking count as ritual? I do that every day, never fail. *Sigh*. Interesting that you mentioned telling someone about your plan/dream/goal as I was just pondering that yesterday, e.g. the last time I told everyone I knew about this cool part-time IT job I was going after a few weeks ago (and thought I had), I didn’t get it, then I was all, “Rats, now I have to tell everyone I didn’t get it.” So I am up for something equally cool (or even cooler) now, but have been afraid to tell anyone! p.s. I just happen to own the Tibetan Star meditation. Now I just need to put down the tweezers.

    1. I cannot wait to hear about it. Don’t let “not getting something” diminish the excitement that comes with even being considered. That often is quite an honor in itself, and can inspire us and moves us forward in other ways we cannot imagine!

    1. Jen,
      Welcome! I love Kim, her love knows no bounds! That is beautiful! It can be endless. Someone asked someone one time, how much do you meditate in a day and he replied, “All day.” We can bring awareness into to every moment!

  3. Jodi, I’m definitely going to do #2 and 4. I think it so important to show gratitude and we tend to not express it enough. I love the positivity that is inherent in the very expression of appreciation and giving thanks. Thanks for sharing!
    Monica recently posted..Am I Better Off?My Profile

  4. I find it best that when I want to accomplish something to keep my mouth closed and just do it. From there, I work toward the goal.

    Now, you know I’m a country girl with a lot of questions by now, so you might need to explain to me how breathing is a ritual. I mean, I don’t wanna decide not to do it, eventhough I know it’ll someday happen. Or are you thinking metaphorically? I’m thinking ‘living’ would be what I’d use.
    totsymae1011 recently posted..Stanking Up the Kitchen. Literally.My Profile

    1. LOL, We breath unconsciously all of the day, but spending a bit of time consciously breathing can be powerful. It can relax us, prepare us, focus us, etc. (Like in meditation) Or sometimes, when I see a certain road sign (a deer crossing sign) I try to take a few breaths to bring myself into the present moment. This is a ritual to remind me to stay present. Thanks for asking!

    1. I never thought of it, we walked and talked. Appreciated each other, thought of the future, ate together. It was a perfect ritual!

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