I am Brahman Mantra. I am Ness.


A poem to inspire your meditation practice:

Soul receives from the soul that knowledge, therefore not by book nor tongue.

If knowledge of mysteries come after emptiness of mind, this is illumination of heart.


I am Brahman mantra

I am Brahman mantra

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The I am Brahman mantra, or Aham Brahmasmi is a beautiful one.

Aham Brahmasmi, in Sandskirt literally means “I am Brahman.” Or “The core of my being is the ultimate reality.” Or “I am Ness.” It expresses the tenets of Universal Oneness –that we are all connected to all there is and none of us are separate..

I have enjoyed my study into non duality (Universal Oneness). The greatest pains in our lives come when we feel separate, alone and unworthy. (Basically, ‘unloved’). When I was young, I used to think loneliness was the worst thing and now that I am older I understand why. We are only a self in relationship. Isolation extends our worse fears and digs in our greatest guilt. It is hard to see the good in ourselves when we are isolated. When we are alone and feel disconnected, it is hard to be happy.

Understanding Oneness can heal this isolation. It starts with finding our connection with other people who love us, with animals and plants, with the earth and with the Spirit within us. Once we connect to the love in these things, we start to feel less alone. Then, we can begin to understand how we are all the same since that same divinity is within all of us. This can lift us out of guilt and fear and into feeling loved, lovable and loving. How can a mantra help with this?

I say “Namaste” at the end of each of my meditations and I thought I would mention what it means for those of you who do not know. It means that the highest part of me, honors and greets the highest part of you. The God in me, recognizes the God in you. More about Namaste.

Did you enjoy the I am Brahman mantra? What do you do to feel connected?

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I don’t think anybody will experience nonduality by running away from loneliness. It is found IN the loneliness as far as I can tell. And when it is found then you can embrace other people without wanting anything from them.


Loneliness is a silent killer. Loneliness is this lack of connection as you said, because we can still be lonely when surrounded with family and friends.
Loneliness makes one vulnerable, weak, naive. It ruins a whole life as it leads to wrong decisions.
It is still here, living within me, even though i can start to say that i have felt loved lately, or at least someone cared, but loneliness is here because i am not. I still can’t feel I exist, I am, I have the right to be and to live

Jodi Lobozzo Aman

Feel it reflected back from those that care for you while you wait to see you deserve it!

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