Cord Disconnection Meditation

I think you are going to love this cord disconnection meditation. This is a great way to disconnect from unwanted energy of people who hurt you from your past. You are going to love it.

Often there is someone in our lives that haven’t always lifted us up (i.e., the ex, a dismissive teacher, a bully). In fact, many times this person contributed to negative understandings, and negative self identities about ourselves (i.e., I am unlovable, I am not enough). Their voices in our head keep us oppressed by these beliefs, and often stuck in shame and anxiety.

What is interesting is that we often wish for and/or seek acknowledgment from this person to confirm our worth. Seems ludicrous?

Cord Disconnection Meditation

We all do it. We think: “I’ll feel better, if he acknowledges me.” Or “If they understood, things would be different.” Why do we remain connected to their influence? If it is someone from our past, why do we let them continue to influence us or make us feel bad? It is like we have some energetic cords holding us to this other person, invisible they hold lots of power.

And often this person is in our present. I meet with many people who are trying to end romantic relationships that they know are not good for them. They feel the energetic connection and sometimes mistake its significance. They see multiples sides of the person, since at one point there may have been a uplifting part – even if they haven’t seen this part in a long time. And, they long so much for that uplifting part, that they can’t set limits on the degrading or disrespecting part. They know they should move on from this person, but they feel this unseen connection and stay, desperately unhappy.

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cord disconnection guided meditations

5 thoughts on “Cord Disconnection Meditation”

  1. “at one point there may have been a uplifting part” I think that is the key. You’re absolutely right. This or these persons in my case, have seen in me, at some point, what others didn’t notice.They found me when I felt lost, and the pain to see them go, is in fact very strong because it seems like losing myself again after I found it, it’s like they are taking that part of me with them by going.
    When I was hurt last summer by being abandoned by my best friend, it seems like the end of my life, the end of the world, and my answer to whoever was telling me to let go was yes i will, but not before i justify myself, not before i am sure she knows i didn’t do anything wrong.
    This is really hard

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      I’m sure there will be many mixed feelings. It happens with every decision. We’ll remind you how bad it was. We will. Love, Jodi

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