Conscientious Uncoupling: Navigating the Break-Up

(Without Crashing the Rest of Your Work, Family, and Life)

Tensions are high during a divorce or break up. So much energy is taken by navigating that stress, whilst your body and emotions are feeling the pain of the loss. All the while you are dealing with your family and work logistics and emotional needs, so that doesn't blow up in the process.

Let me guide you through this tender time for you and your family. I can work with one partner, or both partners, to bring in consciousness to understand what is happening. You'll know what the next steps are at each section of the journey. Get aligned on how to support your children through this, and an intention to act with grace for everyone's highest good. All the while, we will attend to and heal your soft human and allow the nervous system to reset from the break-up. We'll get your bodies, your work, and your family stabilized and looking ahead with robust agency at a secure future plan.

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