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Get 20 hours of fully focused healing to get rid of fear and return to yourself!

Hello Anxiety-Suffering and Freedom Seekers,

Are you feeling plagued by self-doubt and worry that you can handle difficult situations?

Do you wish you had more confidence at work or in relationships?

Has anxiety stopped you from doing things in your life that you would enjoy (or used to enjoy?)

Has depression and anxiety caused you to pull back from life and isolate yourself?

Are you afraid of what people think or how they will judge you?

Has grief or past trauma consumed your identity?

Does social anxiety keep you from enjoying life?

Are you afraid something bad is going to happen?

Do you want to STOP feeling like this?

If you answered yes to any of these then keep reading, because I want to take you from your pain and problems to happiness and whole peace in your life. I’m Jodi Aman, psychotherapist and the author of the bestselling You 1, Anxiety 0. Win your life back from fear and panic.

And I know exactly how you feel!

I was introduced to anxiety when I was just 5 years old. I spent decades running away but still not able to get out from under the thumb of anxiety. This caused and was further complicated by a low self-esteem, loneliness and depression by the time I was a teenager and young adult.  I tried everything, but I remained sad and scared. One day when I was almost 30, I decided to stop running and figure out this thing called anxiety. It took research and practice and a lot of patience and trust, but I found the answer. I clawed my way to freedom and completely cured myself of anxiety and depression with lots of dedication and commitment to practicing my skills.

I’m not the only one. I have used these same steps to helping thousands of other people treating anxiety in the last 20 years as a therapist. Then, I dedicated my life to helping people get over their fears, recover from the past, and generate happiness in their life. For this I created online programs,  wrote a book and have uploaded over 200 videos online that people have told me have transformed lives.

In my time helping people in person, on retreats and online, I’ve noticed three things.

1.) People who commit time to healing, get better faster.

You need to put time aside if you want to make changes in your life. You need time for self-care, to do healing exercises, practice daily rituals, perform affirmations, meditate, and integrate new beliefs into your body. 

2.) People crave personal help.

You want to tell me about your exact problems and ask me what you should do. Some people get that by booking one-on-one sessions with me. That may be too expensive for you.

3.) People build skills and heal better in groups.

Social learning theory says that relationships are key to the human learning process. Skills are best taught and honed in groups. This is because the group becomes your teacher by sharing ideas. You see what someone just like you is doing. Rather than a skill being taught by an expert, the idea from a peer is infinitely more accessible to you. As you take steps to healing, the audience’s reflection, support and acknowledgment sustains your progress stronger than any other known process.

With this knowledge, I decided to create a place where you can dedicate time to your healing. You can personal access to me, and you can learn and heal in a group setting.

Introducing my Anxiety Coaching Group 6 week program!

In the end of the 6 weeks that we will spend together, you will…

  • No longer be afraid of panic and anxiety loosening and then releasing it’s hold on you.
  • Trust yourself and have more confidence.
  • Actually enjoy life.
  • Minimize physical pain.
  • Feel lighter, stronger and more aligned with your life’s mission
  • Understand how happiness works and how to get some
  • Reconnect to your higher self
  • Experience freedom of not being afraid all the time
  • Have a group of dedicated folks who will be your touchstone when you need some encouragement.
  • Feel open and understanding of your place in the world.

In the six weeks...

  1. You’ll learn the biology of fear, so you are no longer afraid of anxiety.
  2. Learn the lies that anxiety, doubt, and depression tell so you can no longer belief them.
  3. Cultivate the control that you do have by learning you have 100% of control over what is important.
  4. Understand how to forgive yourself so that you like and trust yourself and are no longer vulnerable to negative thoughts.
  5. Practice affirmations and other daily rituals to keep you feeling good and make each day calmer, happier and full of purpose.

Deep dive!

You'll have healing exercises to do between sessions with some bonus surprises along the way!

If you have been following me only for a while, you know I do share a lot of things in my free articles and videos. I’m so happy to do that for everyone. For some people that is all they need. But there are some of you who are still suffering despite watching me for a while. You need to go deeper with me and get the insider and personal help that I hold back for my clients.

There are many things that I save for my clients out of respect for their investment of time, energy and money. In my Anxiety Coaching Group, you will get all of my knowledge because you are the clients.

You will get more time with me and get support from other people who understand exactly how you feel. I’ll keep you accountable for doing the daily practices to letting go, getting over fear and honing your peace of mind. You will have weekly homework to fast track you on your healing path.

You’ll get ten hours on the phone with me in 5, 2 hour sessions where we will all gather together on a teleconference. (The other ten hours is spread out over the 5 weeks in homework and in home practices.)

No risk: If you are not pleased after the first phone session, just let me know and have 80% of your money back.

Get in on the new Anxiety Coaching Group STILL at the low introductory price! I am going to put so much time into this group, I’m not sure I can keep the price this low.

It is time for you to feel better.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle to fully focus on healing your heart, mind and soul.

  • Do you have a problem that has been bothering you for a long time?
  • Resistance, excessive worry, haunted by the past, overwhelmed by stress, feeling unbalanced, or anxious?
  • Want to break free of your past?

If so, then gather by phone with me and a group of people who totally understand what you are going through while I guide you through how to free yourself of fear, resistance, anxiety, self-doubt, worries, insecurities, stress and overwhelm. Gone. As in, buh-bye! Once you rid your life of fear, you’ll learn how to bring joy, happiness and healing into your life on every level. We meet for one 2-hour call every week on a teleconference for five weeks. You'll have ten hours of personalized coaching where I expose anxiety and build your know-how! Then spend at least 10 more hours of homework and exercises to keep you focused and moving swiftly on your journey to inner peace.

Focus on your healing

It’s hard to fully focus on what your healing with all of the tasks of life overwhelming you. You are done putting off the important things in life because the worry is taking up all of your time and energy. Putting these ten hours a week aside to heal yourself, is like taking the fast track to health. Let’s get you a short cut. Dedicate this time to healing. Create a better world for yourself and everyone you love.

Limited space! Everyone will get a chance to talk to me live for individualized help.

Will announce future groups soon. Write to let me know you want to be in the group.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle to fully focus on healing your heart, mind and soul.

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