10 Things I Love About Life

These are the 10 things I love about life:

1. Listening.  

This weekend Reverend Mary told a story about a farmer who went to visit his nephew in the city.  They were walking along the street and the farmer said, I hear a cricket.  The nephew was amazed, disbelieving, but they looked around and sure enough, there was a crack in the wall of a building with a tuff of grass growing out of it and a cricket on it.  The nephew asked him how he could hear that.  The uncle took some coins out of his pocket and threw them on the ground.  Immediately other people in the street responded by looking down to where the coins dropped and checking their pockets to make sure they didn’t lose anything. The Uncle said, “We hear what we are trained to hear. We hear what is important to us.”

I love to listen to people and have a sharp memory for what I hear. I am trained to hear the preferred story, it usually shines out like a beacon for me amongst the brambles, saying I am here, I am here. Not so hard, once you know goodness, you see it everywhere.

2. Being affectionate.

My daughter and I snuggle up every night before bed and we call this our favorite time of the day. Our bodies fit so perfectly together. Last night she told me that she loves to rock, that it soothes her. Doesn’t it sooth us all? I love cuddle rocking my kiddies.

10 things i love about life3. Freedom.

I work with a man who spent time in a concentration camp in his home country during a genocide.  I can only imagine what he is going through now 20 years later from what he experienced from what he tells me. The prison still surrounds him despite my attempt to free him. We are so lucky with the freedoms we have.

4. Nature.

Yesterday I walked in the woods and I saw a little fox ahead of me on the trail.  He stopped and starred for a moment then ran in the opposite direction.  So cute.  Above me a hawk flew.  I marveled since the wingspan was wider than I am used to.  Gorgeous. I have always loved the sky, the varied appearances it can have in a day, or in an hour. This week as the moon was waxing (growing) and we could clearly see two planets. It looked gorgeous as the sun was setting. Nature helps anxiety!

5. Caring.

My son said “who cares?” to me the other night. And I thought, someone always cares, somewhere, always.  (Me)

6. Answering questions.

I always had a knack for answering questions, even if I didn’t think I knew the answer, like when giving workshops, in session, or online. You might think my answers are BS then, but I think they come from somewhere so deep inside of me that it almost outside of me.

7. Learning.

I love learning new things. I don’t what else to say about it, but I want to know everything. And, I am amazed by biology, history, people stories, plants, animals, all aspects of healing, music, nutrition, spirituality, and much more.  If I wasn’t what I am, I have a list of 3o other things that I would like to be.

8. Being calm with passion.

Calm has much value in our hectic, stressful culture.  Quell my anxiety. We need some time for quiet to connect within ourselves. This helps us calm our fears, make better decisions, ease stress.  Meditation and prayer are two sides of the same coin.  One is listening, one is speaking.  When I talk about “I will not calm down,” I don’t mean that I won’t be mindful, reflective, and easy going.  I mean I will allow my passion and true self to glow out of that mindfulness.  Let my love shine without restrictions.

9. Loving people.

Sometimes it is so easy to love, isn’t it?  We think it might be painful to love, but if it is pain, it is not love.  What does love mean?  Just means you care, you see them, you want to smile at them from your soul.

10. Remembering Amma (AKA God).

I love knowing I am connected to everything and all of my problems come from the misconception that I am separate, alone, and not good enough. All I have to do is just to go back and remember that I am connected.

“If we could see through to the heart of anyone in the world, we would love them.” ~Marianne Williamson

What do you love about life? 

43 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About Life”

  1. I must be TOO emotional today to react like this to that post! I love it Jodi. i love each of the points you mentioned. In fact it is just a confirmation of what I know of you through your writings, and what i can see in your eyes in the photos.
    Your daughter is gorgeous! And she and her brother are So lucky. Love you <3
    nikky44 recently posted..HIT ME, Please….My Profile

  2. Great reading your “40” Things…I am inspired to stop worrying about the future (uncertainty) and live in the fullness of the present!

  3. We all need more positive things to love, it is hard when you are in pain, but I try everyday, I look at the sky, too. I love the clouds, how they change, some staying still, some changing. Wouldn’t it be nice to float up there? Thanks, Jodi

  4. Wow, loved your blog today. We hear what we want to hear. We have the choice to be happy and enjoy life how we want it to be. Time to connect with ourselves is just about the most important thing to remember. We can only love and care for others if we love and take care of ourselves first.
    Thank you Jodi

  5. Wonderful list!

    I love what you said about listening. It reminded me of what I’m trying to do during meditation. I have a hard time with breathing or saying aloud a mantra. I don’t know if it’s my asthma or my anxiety or just in my head, but it makes me uncomfortable and out of breath. So what I’m doing is trying to be mindful of the moment by listening closely. The more I listen, the more “little” sounds I hear from around the house. I can almost feel my ears stretch out like a cat’s. I love it!

    So mindful meditation; my family, which includes my cats; nature; and quiet are some of the things I love.
    Tina Barbour recently posted..Spreading hopeMy Profile

  6. Jodi, what a beautiful list! There are about 5 of them that I am struggling with but the others I am slowly mastering one at a time. 1, 2, 4, 5 and 9 are ones that I am beginning to get. The others still seem out of reach. I think the hardest one for me is 7. I have a desire to learn new things but it is very dificult and if I wasn’t what I am right now I have no idea, a list of 0 of what I would want to be. Maybe it’s more that I don’t think I could be anything else.
    But thank you so much for the love you share and for giving all of us something to strive for.

  7. I love this. With all you love, how do you find balance, and time to do it all? Do you keep “love to do lists” ? When you have time, I would love to hear the 30 other things you would like to be if you weren’t what you are = D

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      Great idea. I keep all kinds of lists. To do, to love, to buy, to give away, to tell, to thank…I’ll add the 30 other things to my list of blog ideas!

  8. Jodi, You are such a blessing. I love the passion that you have for helping others. So many of us feel very alone in our struggles. You take the time everyday to inspire and love those around you. You are a gift to many of us. Thank you for the work you do and Happy Birthdays! The 40’s are good!

  9. You are a wonderful granddaughter and niece….missing you! We wish you a glorious Birthday and we love your blogs. You really touch so many lives in so many ways! Happy, happy Day to you!!! We will celebrate when we get home. Love and Hugs, Grandma and Aunt Mary!

  10. Listening to other people is a great skill to have, not just in your profession either! Good for you for being good at it. I think, I’m not so great at it these days!

  11. I love the 10 points, but If I had to chose only one, I would take number 5 caring, because when you say caring, its for everything and everyone. when you care, you also love. when you love, you also listen and show affection. when you listen, you learn then answer questions based on what you learned. It’s beautiful Jodi.
    Nikky44 recently posted..ViVa La MusicaMy Profile

  12. Jodi, I’m speechless. That’s the effect this beautiful list has had on me. After reading this, no words are necessary. You have successfully reminded us why it’s good to be alive; why we should express gratitude every morning when we wake. Beautiful! 🙂
    Bella recently posted..Who’s ready to stop the insanity?My Profile

  13. I love my children. I love how confident & happy they are. Everyday they remind me what a joy they are. When my daughter sings, not only is it beautiful, but very soothing. I’m so proud of her & her talent. My other daughter is always ready to help me if I need it & has such an amazing outlook on life. I love listening to her talk. She has such a unique perspective on things & she has taught me so much. This all reminds me that I did it. I broke the cycle of abuse in my family.

    Another thing I love about life is people like you, Jodi. Actually, I have never known anyone like you; so loving & kind hearted. Hearing from you & reading your words gives me hope. It helps me to remember that even though it feels like no one cares “someone always cares, somewhere, always. (Me)”. I wish I could reach into the computer and hug you! xoxoxo ~Mary

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      What beautfiul words you say about your daughters. I love hearing about them. I can see why you are so proud! I am glad knowing I care and think of you AND pray for you everyday helps. It is true. I wish we can have a cup of coffee together and have a nice long chat.:)

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