Who Put that Ego In My Way?

Get out of my way, ego! Many of us feel like we are on spiritual journeys. I, like many before me, have a sense this is the purpose of our life, to learn the lessons this life can provide. Painful situation are usually opportunities for great learning if we allow them to be. I am not saying that we deserve them or want them, but if they happen to be there we have the power in our minds to change pain to purpose.

Many people think that there are answers somewhere how to do this, but all of our answers are right inside of us. We don’t have to know anything, we just have to get out of our own way, and the answers will reveal themselves.

“Take responsibility for your situation without blaming anything or anyone, including yourself. Every problem is an opportunity to take this moment and transform it into a greater benefit.” ~Deepak Chopra

We don’t have to read anymore, try anymore, figure out anything, we just need to ask and we can be taken to the answer. (Reading, trying and figuring out are not bad: Sometimes the fear and guilt are so great that these things ease it and we are better able to get out of our own way.)

Who put that ego in my way?

One of the purposes of this life is to realize that we are more than what we see physically.  Essentially we are more a consciousness than a physicality. This can be done anywhere, without tools, or extensive training. You just have to close your eyes (other people keep their eyes open, closing them helps me not be distracted by the physical world) and ask who you are.  Literally say: “Show me who I am?”

Try the following exercise. After reading this close your eyes and immediate ask Spirit to show you who you are. In that instant before story comes in and tells you what is wrong with you, you might get a sensation, a jolt, a tickle, a flash, a warmth. This is your consciousness. That’s it. Open your eyes.

If you don’t feel it, keep trying throughout the next couple of days. The trick is to do it fast, so as to not let your mind have time to judge or get scared, so that there is no time for the ego to swoop in and start to whisper in your ear.  Keep practicing and the feeling of your higher self will get stronger.

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today!”

Most people think that there is something to know. Or something everyone else knows and just not them. We don’t have to know all the answers of life and how to enlighten, we just have to be humble enough to ask. We don’t have to study the masters and meditate forever. (Though this can be fun and helpful! Working with a teacher is a fantastic way to get you there but this is what they will eventually teach you: how to get out of your own way.)

That damn ego in my way!

All we have to do is get out of our own way enough to ask Spirit directly what we need to know. We humans are disillusioned to think that this is hard. This is why it takes so long and feels like such a mammoth task. People work for decades or lifetimes to get the release.

But we can do it in a moment. It is as close as our next breath. We have to realize that whatever is going on can have multiple meanings. Our mind can be quite busily occupied trying to figure it out. But this is not bad and can be quite helpful at getting us to the point we can release. Or we can just step aside our ego and ask what the meaning we need to know to get through. Literally asking Spirit, “I don’t know what this means, just show me.”

“When written in Chinese the word “crisis” is composed of two characters, one represents danger and the other represents opportunity.”

We have to accept the fact that the realities we know and understand are personal to us. They are relative due to our experiences and reactions to those experiences. This means they are not real in the truest sense. These realities can’t be totally real because they are different for each one of us. It is our ego that speaks of loss and rejection. There is always other ways to see it.

Try this:

Journey: Seeing Through Spirit’s Eyes

Read the following and then lie or sit in a quiet place. Close your eyes and bring to mind a problem that you are having. See it in its entirely. Spend sometime with the story and seeing all about it. Then, ask for a spirit guide to come stand beside you, greet him or her in anyway you are comfortable. When you are ready merge your light with the Spirit’s light. Look through their eyes at your problem. How might you see it differently? Ask the guide any questions you have to help your understand better.

(Want to be audibly  guided through this journey ? Click here Seeing Through Spirits Eyes.  More Guided Meditations)

guided meditations ego in my wayDo you have trouble getting out of your own way?

32 thoughts on “Who Put that Ego In My Way?”

  1. I love that Jodi, Thank you. I have experienced something beautiful now as a result of Contact with Spirit. I was never aware before when things happen, but now it’s really something special.
    I really doubt myself, doubt that this really happened, and I think it’s because of what you just said, I allowed my mind to tell me stories about what happened instead of seeing it as it truly was.
    nikky44 recently posted..April’s fool day!My Profile

  2. HI Jodi,
    First, Happiness for your new year, decade and life.

    Also, I appreciate your blog, I have given out the site to several people.

    I also, did the “Who Am I” and was grateful for the response.
    Thanks, for your enthusiasm and wisdom.
    Ann Marie

  3. I am always in my way, everything seems so hard, you make it sounds so simple, but sometime my efforts are for nothing, I can’t get anywhere like I am on a gerbil wheel. I am so terrified and just keep running.

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      Try to think of it as the fear being a belief that it is hard, useless or not working, it gets in our way, you see?

  4. You really tend to open up my eyes to a whole new dimension in life. I just need to find the time to indulge in finding my own spirituality.

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      You will so happy you did! It can be a trip but connecting with our inner selves is always worth it.

  5. I have done a couple of guided meditation already, and I must say that the more people gathering, the greater the experience is! I have no idea why this happens…

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      The synergy of it all. We are all connected, this just illustrates it well since we are quiet an can notice. This kind of connection is going on all the time however. So cool!

  6. Harleena Singh@Freelance Writer

    Wonderful post Jodi!

    Yes indeed, ego does get in our ways so often and most of the time we don’t even come to know of it. But I loved the exercises you shared by asking the Spirit, though I practice meditation for the same and it works wonders.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Perfect timing for me today.. everyday maybe until I am over the agent hurdle… I dislike this part of the process since I am not at the wheels of control..

    I printed this one to carry around with me.. Thanks for keeping me grounded with your words.
    Brenda recently posted..HeartburnMy Profile

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      That means so much coming from you! I am so glad I can help you get through it! Agents-Schmagents! They are just struggling plebs like the rest of us. They feel just as out of control as you do. Plus, you are good! That is your control. You wrote it. Amazing!

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