How to Listen to Your Heart

Listen to your heart

Want to Listen to Your Heart?

The best way to listen to your inner guidance is to quiet the rest of your mind. You know the part you have to quiet – the part that dishes blame, worry, stress and negative self-judgment. It often called the monkey mind since it is as busy and inconsistent as a little monkey.

Usually you can’t listen to your heart because you can’t hear it with your mind is too loud. We mistake this for not having wisdom, or not having access to inner guidance. Or not being worthy of it. This is such a painful conclusion to make when it is an easy fix. You do have inner wisdom and guidance. Your heart and soul are constantly talking, it is just that your mind is too interesting. We have to shut it up.

Do you want to finally get rid of those constant thoughts? Those “what ifs” and “I don’t think I cans?” The secret is to get out of your head and listen to your heart!

And the fastest way to get out of that constant berating, full of self-doubt, self-criticizing mind, is to get into the body, through movement or grounding.

Here’s How to Hear Your Inner Guidance

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by your everyday life. We all struggle with those constant thoughts of our busy schedules and our fears about whether we’re good enough.

In this video, I share with you how to clear your head, get out of your anxious mind, and get connected with your body!

How to Listen to Your Heart

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In Your Heart

There are words, hopes, dreams and guidance for you. These will help you feel robust and full of life and promise. The worries, guilt, fear and doubt the mind sabotages your relationship with your inner guidance. That doesn’t mean that it is not there. It is always there.

The fastest way to get out of the mind is to get into the body. This is best done via movement – walk, dance, jumping, tai chi, yoga, chi gong, singing/chanting or even just breathing. Once you are in your body the rest can happen naturally.

What is your favorite way to get out of the mind?


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