The Biggest Reason I Got Over Anxiety

If you want to know the biggest reason that I got over anxiety?

Keep reading and watching.

I know lots of people who’ve gotten over anxiety, too, and there is definitely an explanation for why and how.

This is outlined in my book You 1, Anxiety 0, and in my online programs. But here I give you the meat and potatoes version. Here’s the biggest secret: Anxiety needs your mind space.

I got my mind busy, so anxiety had NO SPACE to exist in.

Getting busy is not about distracting yourself with risky behaviors, partying, addictions, video games, spending, TV or bad relationships. It’s about finding something to focus on that fills you up and that contributes to bettering the world around you.

This is the most common piece of advise I give:

Get yourself a wonderfully complex and creative project.

This is available to anyone. If you have reasons why you can’t put your mind to something, that can become an excuse and keep you suffering. Get rid of that reason.

Lots of people with OCD tell me that they cannot get a project because they are afraid of getting obsessed with it. (They say this while they are seeking my help to get over their current obsession which is causing them suffering). I say: The difference between an obsession and a passion is the purpose. If you are purpose-driven and that purpose contributes to the world in some way, you have a passion not an obsession.

An obsession becomes an obsession because it loops. There is no avenue for the energy to go that is productive and it takes you around and around (and down) with it.  When you have a multilevel project all the thinking space that the obsession uses to be on that “hamster wheel” of thought, is used planning, connecting and problem-solving real issues.

If you have OCD and have given this excuse, stop and think of how NOT having a project has made your OCD worse, not better.

OCD is an extreme kind of anxiety, but I use it here because it is a great way to illustrate how I got over  anxiety and got my mind away from all anxious thoughts.

The Biggest Reason I Got Over Anxiety

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If you want to get over your anxiety, get a project

Learn more about yourself and your true passions, and then, start to think about how you want the world to be and what you may want to change.

Do you want to make art, inspire people, or entertain? Do you want to organize or clean? Care about animals, the environment, hungry children, human trafficking? Do you like to write? Want to help an older person?

It doesn’t have to be big and major. Don’t measure the size of the impact because you may never know the ripple effects of your happiness.

What are you going commit to trying? 

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