Driving Anxiety Tips! Do You have Driving Anxiety?

“Driving Anxiety” may be an oxymoron

I’m not calling it ridiculous, because driving anxiety is very common. It’s just that “Being in the driver’s seat” is an often-used metaphor for being in control. And anxiety needs you to feel out of control for it to stay in your life.

Driving Anxiety Meditations
Healing Driving Anxiety Course

You know I always say, “Anxiety issues are control issues.” Then, how is anxiety getting you to believe you are out of control in a car, when you are literally in control of that car?

Well, anxiety tries to get you to focus on the hundreds of other drivers, road issues, pedestrians, manipulating you into believing that they are more important than you are in your safety. If you listen to anxiety, you will feel out of control and anxiety will stay your companion.

Do you want some Driving Anxiety Tips?

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Driving Anxiety Help is Here

Interested in my voice in your pocket while you are driving? Do you want to learn why you have anxiety and what to do with your mind while you drive to keep yourself calm and collected?

Did you know that if you get rid of one anxiety, other anxieties go away, too? At $29.99, you can’t beat the deal for such a comprehensive program like this one.

6 downloadable mp3s you can listen to WHILE you drive.

  1. An Introduction.
  2. 10 minutes driving meditation (okay for listening while driving.)
  3. Calming, upbeat original song.
  4. 15-minute driving meditation (okay for listening while driving.)
  5. 2nd Calming, upbeat original song.
  6. 20-minute driving mediation (okay for listening while driving.)

This program is designed so that you can mix and match the files on a playlist to go with a drive of any length. You can even substitute your favorite energizing songs in between the driving meditations for longer trips.

Reinforce confidence in yourself and remember the control you DO have within you!

Go here for more info or to have it delivered to your email today!

Driving Anxiety Meditations.

7 thoughts on “Driving Anxiety Tips! Do You have Driving Anxiety?”

  1. This is a very interesting article. About 2 years ago I had a panic attack while driving and that one attack caused me misery for about 3 months. I began to fear driving which to me was crazy as I had always loved diving. The experience truly annoyed me as I didn’t want to lose the freedom that driving gave me. Interestingly enough, it was this anger that eventually got rid of the panic attacks while driving. I guess that the strongest emotion won in the end!

  2. Every driver experience this kind of situation where he/she feels anxious and alone. To avoid this one, you should not drive alone. Let someone be with you whenever you go. It’s important there is someone who you can talk to about anything while driving.

  3. This article has been very much Useful and Informative. But I would like to add that a good night’s sleep also plays a major role in one’s mental & over-all health !! And an appropriate mattress is necessary for better sleep to calm your feeling anxious.

  4. After l had an accident last year November 2020, l have not been behind the wheels. I’m very nervous to drive again. I need your help ma’am.

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