Five Benefits of Yoga – Guest Post By Capricious Yogi

This post about the benefits of yoga is by Rachel from the Capricious Yogi.

When Jodi asked me to write an article about the benefits of yoga, I thought…”sure, that’s easy, no problem!” But as I started to consider what I wanted to say, I found myself flooded with reasons why someone should begin a yoga practice—so much so that I could go on for days!

From the numerous health benefits associated with the physical practice (asana) and breathing exercises (pranayama), to the mental and spiritual boost you receive from self-study (svadhyaya) and meditation (dhyana), I have found that practicing yoga is the most comprehensive system for overall body, mind and spiritual health. The really glorious thing about the yoga practice is that there are so many styles, traditions, and spaces offering yoga today, that anyone can find the right practice for them.

My own practice started as a way to fine tune my acting chops. While studying at school, I found that the physical practice allowed me to be so present in my body that I could be “in the moment” with any character thus making my performance more believable. Additionally, my yoga practice has helped me to create awareness around my own personal health, giving me the tools I need to manage my ulcerative colitis, a condition I have lived with since the age of 14.  Not to mention the numerous life events I have experienced including job changes, divorce, loss of a parent, financial ups and downs, and all various other growing up tidbits. Through it all, my practice has been the constant keeping me grounded and stable as I weather the sometimes turbulent seas of life.

Benefits of Yoga

Here are my top five reasons to start a yoga practice today.

Let’s Get Physical

A no-brainer.  Whether you take super slow and restorative approach to your practice or you choose to rev it up with a vigorous Vinyasa, just getting the body to move is a good thing. As a society, we are so stuck…in front of our computers and TVs, in our cars commuting to work, in our relationships to each other and to ourselves, and in our minds. Our bodies were not designed to sit around all day. Rather, they were made for moving and shaking! Getting up and out allows your body to rejuvenate itself naturally, helping to relieve tension and release feel good hormones like endorphins, which ultimately leaves you happy and feeling good.

Learn to Breathe

Oh the breath. As infants we breathe with our whole bodies. It’s only as we grow and move through life that we unlearn the natural flow of breath, restricting, restraining, and even imprisoning our life force (prana) within our bodies. Any yoga practice, regardless of the tradition, will you teach you that essential breath, beginning at the diaphragm. Once you have learned to breathe again, you can learn to control the mind when it releases into depression, anxiety and fear. The breath is the key to eliminating stress in your life and becoming more fully alive, here and now.

Be Present

Why be present? I ask you, why be anywhere else? Finding yourself in the present moment gives great perspective on this journey we call life. A situation that once seemed like the end of the world now becomes small potatoes. You learn to navigate your days with ease and grace, rather than frustration and angst. You become happier, less stressed and dare I say, more appreciative of yourself and the world around you.

Cultivate Awareness

Whether you know it or not, mindfulness and awareness are concepts that begin the first time you step on your mat. As you pay attention to the breath and subtle sensations in the body, you create awareness around that experience which allows you to explore the depths of your own being. Heavy stuff? Not really. As you practice, it happens naturally. The awareness you cultivate in your practice eventually comes with you off your mat and into your every day interactions aiding you in making healthier and wiser choices from the food you eat to the people you hang out with.


What could be better than finding a group of people that enjoy the same things as you do, strive for personal wellness, and care about the world around them? My own yoga community (satsang) has been pivotal in getting through the good times and the bad times.  I know that if I show up at class there will be at least one friendly face and someone who is happy to see me. Contrary to popular belief, we may feel more connected through technology and social media, but in reality we aren’t. We are social beings by nature. Going to class, making new friends, and connecting with others helps us to grow and feel fulfilled.

There are so many wonderful reasons to start practicing yoga today and while they may not be immediate, the benefits are innumerable. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Yoga is all about the experience. Get out and try it for yourself. You may just be surprised at what you discover.


What other benefits of yoga, do you want to add?

benefits of yoga

Rachel Wallmuller, RYT is a yoga teacher that loves learning, creating and exploring the world through yoga. She chronicles her ups, downs and all arounds, on her blog  Find her on Facebook: Capricious Yogi. Or Twitter: @CapriciousYogi


I was introduced to Rachel’s blog several months ago when I was researching my post Om Namah Shivaya.  I’ve read and loved every one of her posts since then!  Love, Jodi

18 thoughts on “Five Benefits of Yoga – Guest Post By Capricious Yogi”

  1. That is GREAT!!!!
    Does Yoga have to be done in a class, or can anyone learn alone?
    I wish I could attend a class. I know there are few in the country, but it’s mainly secret places since they consider yoga against religion.

    1. reading it again, there is something i didn’t notice first time. Maybe then yoga can be the healthier treatment, the best remedy for any problem

      1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

        It is because of the mind body connection. So anything to have you be present in your body can help heal. There are virtual yoga classes online, I can’t recommend any since I have not used them. A blogger friend mentioned Yoga Hub’s virtual conference in Feb. But being in a community would really benefit you, if you can find a clandestine class that is safe! Thanks for always reading!

    2. Hi Nikky, Where do you live? I’m curious how yoga can be seen as against religion when it is not a religious practice. Spiritual to some, yes, but not religious.

      1. Hi Rachel, I live in Lebanon. I don’t have a lot of information about the Government’s position, but I know that Church says it’s a “bad non Christian’s” practice.

        1. Thanks for sharing. I have many friends that practice many different religions that also practice yoga right along side each other. The practice itself is purely spiritual allowing one to connect most deeply with Source or God. One of the reasons I was drawn to the practice was after being exposed to a variety of different religions throughout my childhood through friends and family members, I can make sense of what everyone is saying and see correlation between them all. Yoga teaches the student acceptance, compassion and tolerance, not only of oneself but for others as well; for their being, their beliefs and their faith.
          Blessings to you!

  2. I think yoga can be many things to many people. I came to it after thirty plus years of a raja form of meditation. So for me, yoga (pranayama) tunes me up from top to bottom plus it has sharpened my outer focus. I love it.

    1. Agreed! My favorite part about the practice is that it meets everyone right where they are or where they need it. I have found that my own practice has evolved and changed, just as I have. Shanti!

  3. I haven’t done it in years. But, I do remember that when I was practicing it regularly my back never hurt-even during that time of the month!

  4. I am also regular performer of Yoga. Yoga helps in physical and mental fitness. It connects body with mind. Thank for sharing benefits of Yoga.

  5. Thank you for this beautiful post. Having suffered from depression in the past, the gift of yoga has saved me in teaching me to embrace and accept life.

  6. It really helped when you said that yoga can be a good comprehensive system for our body and mental health. Losing a close relative last year because of COVID-19 really affected me and I feel like I need to divert my attention. It might be a good idea to find studios in New York where I can attend face-to-face yoga classes.

  7. These are helpful tips! Especially “Cultivate Awareness” is very much important to know who is practicing yoga. By the way, you have written an amazing post with lots of important information. Carry on, please!

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