Do you believe in miracles?

Were you ever part of miracles happening? Do you believe in miracles int he world today? I do now.

There is something about witnessing the uplifting of a soul, that changes how you see the world.

My world was changed this weekend.

I believe in miracles.

Words can almost not describe the movement of energy from the Reclaiming Your Soul Retreat this weekend. Watching these 15 men and women embrace the person that they always wanted to be, forgive themselves, see who they truly are and step away from old stories of confusion, loneliness, and lovelessness, moved me to tears over and over again.

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Let me show you what I mean by sharing some stories one retreatant told me. (I tried my best to represent her own words.)

She said,

There was a strange sense of recognizing people on Friday night, it was as if I knew some of the others even though I had never met them.

Being surrounded by people who understood, not just listening, but KNEW what I went through, felt very different. It was amazing. That’s what got me the most. See, during the abuse, I was alone. Then after the abuse, I was alone. Now, I am no longer alone

The night we did the cord disconnection, I had a profound experience. (See Cord Disconnection Guided Meditation here.) I found huge silver chains across my lower abdomen.  There were seven of them connected to my seven abusers. To represent the first abuser, C, there was a grappling hook on my uterus. I had to pull it out with both hands and it brought me to my knees, but I got it. Once I got that out, C shot an arrow into my uterus lodging another chain there. I pulled that out too and all of the others.

It took all my might. All of my mind to keep a belief in miracles for my healing. Then, I could see myself healing–the open wounds where the chains came out were closing up, tightening and smoothing out. I took the chains covered with my blood and shot them with lightening towards my abusers and they disappeared. I lay on the ground crying in relief, and my spirit guide – a cougar – curled around me to make sure I felt safe. The dull ache that I have had my whole life in my ovaries was completely gone, and it never came back. 

I now believe in miracles

On Sunday morning I woke and sat on the deck reflecting in peace on the weekend. I felt called to walk close to a certain tree and so I did. I followed the tree line around the open field and when I was coming back toward the lodge, I saw a rock that said. “Pick me up!” And so I did and carried it back with me. Later, when we did the soul retrieval, I went to my sacred place and there was nobody there. No parts of my soul. The cougar came and said, “Climb on my back, I will take you there.”

We journeyed high into the mountains until we came upon an old wolf. Cougar said this was the end of her journey and the wolf would take me from here, so I held onto his neck and we went further past a stream to a gorgeous lake. Around the lake, there were images of me from every time I was abused, in the same clothes and everything. The very first one held up that rock that I had found this morning and said, “I knew you’d find me.” They all said they were ready to come with me and they did. I came out of that feeling lighter- physically lighter.

It was amazing.

I left that rock in the center of the labyrinth because it helped me and I wanted to leave it to help someone believe in miracles. I took home three tiny rocks I found that were sparkly. They remind me that I can sparkle in the sun. 

Today at work (Monday after the retreat), people commented that I am smiling more than I usually do. I told them about the retreat and why I went. I let go of the secret I kept for all these years, worrying that people would look at me different, and not want to be my friend. It was amazing that the anxious thoughts I built up in my mind never happened. They were gracious and kind and undramatic about it.

What I walked away with is more than I could have imagined.

Every story, every hope, and realization that people opened themselves to was……I just can’t find the words….it was a miracle, beautiful and filling. Sometimes a metaphor is the only way we can express this kind of intensity.

Also, someone said it was food and drink for something she had been starving for for a long time.

Someone else shared this poem, with love.




This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

– Jelaluddin Rumi,
    translation by Coleman Barks

(More of Rumi)

(Bow) Thank you everyone for your support, prayers and words of wisdom. We wouldn’t believe in miracles without all of you. This community was equally with us in mind and soul.

From my heart to yours, I ask you, do you believe in miracles?

Take a “retreat” with me in the midst of your everyday life. Get my Happy Soul Messages.

32 thoughts on “Do you believe in miracles?”

  1. I believe in Miracles. I have witnessed them and lived them ALL my life. Surviving is a miracle.
    The retreat started at 8:00 on Friday night. I was anxious, worried, in pain and extremely lonely. I was afraid. My fear was that I will be invisible, that last year’s retreat was a miracle that can’t happen twice.
    I entered the big room, shaky. I picked the same place I sat at last year to ease my fear, so that it seems more familiar. On the pillow on my chair, I had those words:

    “I am a hidden treasure longing to be found”

    This brought me to tears. I wasn’t sure about the word treasure, but I think everyone is a treasure because everyone is capable of giving love. I struggled all my life to be “seen or just noticed”. I just want to know that I exist. If I can feel that I exist, it means that I’m worthy of living. I closed my eyes and sent an intention to “be found” during this retreat.

    How would anyone find you if you don’t really “see” yourself? How can others notice you if you keep hiding and making yourself more invisible because of shame and fear? That is the message I heard on Saturday morning. Whatever I try to do, whatever happens to me, I will always be pure, bright and shining as a drop of water.
    That is what I want to be. A drop of water on a leaf. It might struggle not to fall. It might change shape with the winds. It might get dust, it might be touched or dried by the heat, but it will always stay pure and bright and shining.

    You Jodi found Nikky 30 months ago. You introduced her to the world, to so many people. She is no more invisible. That is a miracle.

    Nikky is no longer hidden and longing to be found. After this week end, she is ready to give herself the right to be and stay visible.

    Thank you Jodi. Thank you Stanley. Thank you to each one of the beautiful people I was around during the retreat.

    Love you ALL!!

        1. You are brave. You consciously decided not to leave your daughter. That is a beauitful gift of a dedicated mom.

    1. My dearest Nikky,
      So much to say! I love that you came despite your fears and worries, and what an awesome skill to sit in the same place to have something familiar! You are and have always been visible to me. You are a strong symbol of what can happen when someone goes from invisible to visible. You have made miracles happen in the last 30 months that no one thought possible. But you had that power and problem solving skills inside of you. We’ve all seen you and loved you and know you are worthy. Hopefully it has finally rubbed off and you can know how special and wonderful and smart and perfect you are!


  2. Miracle DO exist Jodi. I believe in them. They are surrounding us, if we open our eyes and let them enter our life.
    It looks like your retreat was a success. I wish I would live closer to be able to join. One day maybe.
    For the time being, I am reading you and praying for your beautiful soul and heart Jodi.
    Marie recently posted..Good men onlyMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much. I needed the prayers this week and bow humbly for your kindness and generosity for giving them.

  3. Jodi,

    This weekend was definitely a miracle in my eyes. For the first time in a long time, I believe that healing IS possible. Thank you for guiding our journeys this weekend and thank you for your loving, caring presence in a hard moment.

      1. Jodi,

        I think i am finally beginning to believe that I am worth the time, money, energy it takes to heal from abuse. I used to think I deserved the abuse, and I am finally starting to be able to say that I DID NOT DESERVE IT and that IT WAS NOT MY FAULT. It helped to look at all of the people in my tribe and know that they did not deserve it and to be able to look at myself through their eyes and know that they all believed the same of me. This to me is a miracle. Therapists have tried to get me to see this and change my beliefs for years…..and I just couldn’t. I wanted to, but the ramifications of changing that belief were way too painful and scary for me. Now, I feel strong enough to face that big, awful, terrible, horrible truth. Once again, thank you.

  4. HI Jodi,

    Nice examples, and yes, I do believe in miracles too 🙂

    I have shared it on my blog earlier, but the life threatening experience I had when we had an accident when I had a head injury and came out alright it was something I can never get over. There were certainly a stronger presence there – my Mom or the Almighty because that was a miraculous escape as our vehicle somersaulted many times before it landed top down, and my kids and hubby were all safe!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. It’s my favorite poem of his. It came to me at a desparate time in my life and opened me up to seeing it all in a new way. Hope is so important.

  5. I love hearing about miracles. I have seen them, lived them, and continue to be one. To grow is to survive and we couldn’t do it without each other. People that struggle to believe in such enlightenment, have no chance if others like those who shared this story of healing last weekend don’t share. One of the greatest parts of this story is the courage to share it with all the world and let all the fear melt away….:) Thank you for sharing….

    1. Sharing stories is a great way to inspire and spread hope. People can relate to stories and so teaching is better done through stories… Thanks, Josh!

  6. Jodi, I am a true believer of miracles. For me, getting up in the morning and using all of my senses is already a miracle. If the physical pain I”m struggling with now has helped learn anything, it’s that you can’t take anything for granted. Everything, all the way from the air we breathe, to being able to walk is a nothing short of a miracle. Thank you for sharing both the story and the poem. They are both uplifting and inspiring! I just saw your ABC news clip. How utterly fabulous! Hugs! 🙂
    Bella recently posted..Do I have time for a selfie?My Profile

    1. Bella,
      I think of you often and know things have been rough for you. Gratitude is powerful. I’ll send you some prayers and loving thoughts!

  7. Hi Jodi,
    Am very first time on your blog and got very impressed.
    Let me tell you something,it human tendency that whenever it happens good ,then its a miracle or you can say good luck,and when ever its happens something bad then its bad luck or simply no miracle.
    Indeed a Good real story by you.
    Thanks for sharing and posting.

    1. Thanks for coming, John, so glad to have you! I see the trap of what you speak about and I’m sure many people do that. But I don’t think of luck in that way. These folks on the retreat, took actions and worked really hard. These miracles were created through blood, sweat and tears. They made huge sacrafices to attend and worked their tails off. Thank you for coming over and commenting!

      1. Hi jodi
        How was your weekend??
        Oh yeah every body is here to help out each other .Don’t worry i will be keep visiting.
        Thanks for your Reply.

  8. Yes, I do believe in miracles but they do happen in real life. Miracles happen when you believe in your dreams and when your dreams are manifested you see it through the eyes of miracles.

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